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Sphere Full Spectrum Saad Light

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LIGHTPHORIA 10,000 LUX SAD Light therapy pad


I've been using this light for about 2 weeks now. SAAD is a disorder many people suffer from during the winter months when there is little sunlight. People with SAAD can be depressed, anxious, and lack energy as a result of lack of sunlight and vitamin A. For us, we moved to a location where it rains all the time. Extensive months of gray skies makes it very hard to get up, get motivated, or do anything. I read about the various SAAD lights, and this one is very reasonably priced. It is full spectrum which is better then the blue saad lights. You prop it up with a flip out stand (like a picture frame). This stand is very flimsy and falls if you don't have it propped up agains something else. It is 10,000 lux on high (which is the reccommended lux). It does have settings for lower lux, but from what I've read, any lower then 10,000 does nothing for you. I use it on 10,000, sit in front of it for 20 minutes in the morning while having coffee. I have to say it seems to work, it feels like sunlight and by the time I get to work I'm in a pretty good mood. Which is a big contrast from the 1st few months of being here and not using the light. I would reccommend trying this lower cost one before going to any larger or costlier saad light. No point spending the money if it doesn't work for you. But this does work for me and I would recommend it.

New Town, AA


Sphere Full Spectrum Saad Light

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