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A Great Alternative to the Classic Oven


I received this Infrared Convection Oven as a gift and am really really pleased with it. I use it mostly for cooking Tri-tip roasts and whole chickens. First of all, I love the fact that I can use this in place of my oven. It cooks faster and doesn't heat up the kitchen the way my oven does. This is really helpful in the summer months. Its size is convenient for a pretty small kitchen. I like the fact that it browns food nicely and makes the kitchen smell amazing. A drawback is that you do have to turn most foods over half way through cooking for all-around browning. This has also come in handy when I am using my oven for baking, I can then cook the meat in this and get everything done at one time. I have also tried drying apple slices in it and it worked well too! This oven can do a bit of everything and my family gets excited when I take it out of the cupboard because everything I have made using it, they have enjoyed.



Sharper Image Superwave Infrared Convection Oven

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