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Cooks Essentials
Cooks Essentials K29965 0.9-cubic-foot Heavy-duty Convection Oven

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Great all around toaster/convection/rotisserie oven


This is a .9 cubic foot oven, which means it's got a bit of space inside.  It's a bit too small for a 9x13" baking pan, and even a turkey breast MIGHT be too tall to fit inside, but it is considerably larger than most toaster ovens.  All of my springform and pie pans fit, but none of my baking sheets do.  It will hold up to a 10x10 pan easily. I've made casseroles, biscuits, cookies, cakes, and cheesecakes, as well as having cooked a turkey breast in it.  The turkey breast required me to cut away the rib side and flatten it some (about a 5 lb. breast) so the height leaves a bit to be desired.  It will hold a chicken easily, however.  I haven't used the rotisserie function as of yet, but I'd not want to try anything particularly large. I'm very happy with the oven, I bought it to use instead of the traditional RV stove/oven in my travel trailer, and it isn't quite as wide as the RV's oven, but it does still have more height.  The temperature seems reasonably accurate, certainly more uniform than that dreadful oven in the travel trailer ever thought of being! Do buy a set of pans designed for toaster ovens, especially if you want to bake cookies or biscuits.  (I've been using a piece of aluminum foil for cookies or biscuits!)

Moss Point, MS


Cooks Convection Oven is ok.


The Cooks Convection Oven is okay in my opinion. My mother gave this to me and my husband a few Christmases ago and I have used it rarely since then. I don't know why I do not use it more often as it is more visually appealing than my regular toaster. I haven't used this in quite some time but I am considering getting rid of my regular toaster and only using this convection oven as it does the same things as a regular toaster but just looks a little bit more appealing on my counter top. It works good and is efficient. Sometimes I just do not think to use it with my oven and toaster around, but I am starting to realize that it might be nicer to just pop some bread into the convection oven than the toaster. I would recommend this for heating up leftovers too as I used to do that often before I moved into a house with a microwave.

Rice Lake, WI


Great oven - I love it!


I bought this convection oven because I was looking for something to keep me from always having to heat up the big oven, especially since my husband works second shift and I'm ususally only preparing dinner for myself. It works great on my tortilla pizza, a frequent treat I make. It also is great for baked french fries to serve with burgers and it's big enough to fit two servings on the baking tray. Another thing I love about it is the tray, it's not just an aluminum tray that after a couple of time using it, it won't come clean. It's a coated and heavy duty tray and easy to clean. I also love that it has both convection capabilities and toaster oven capabilities. It also works great as an extra toaster when you are cooking breakfast for a crowd. I just love this oven and wouldn't trade it for anything!

Columbus, OH


Love this saves on electricity and works great


I went looking for a "toaster oven" and found if I wanted to spend a small fortune I would get something that was not flimsy or light duty. I came across this, Cooks Heavy duty Convection Oven which was listed under toaster oven as well, via an email for a store, bookmarked it, read up on it and finally went to order it to find it was out of stock and would have to call stores to find it. After 2 days of calling from northeast to midwest I finally found a store that had it and it was marked down even more, what a score. My Cooks Convenction/Toaster oven arrived and I could not wait to try out the rotisserie, have no issues with larger roaster chicken or roast. I am extremely pleased with it, I knew upon reviews that it would not fit a 11x13 pan so was not worried a 9x11 fits fine and it comes with some stuff as well, pizza pan, broiling pan etc. I use this for everything I can fit in it, saves on electricity, heat in summer when used and I like it alot. I can bake, broil, toast, keep warm, rotisserie, it has knocked the oven out except for large things. If you want to change temp part way through, not sure why this would be but did read it as complaint, then you have to stop it and redo. It has a timer and will keep your food warm on that setting as well. Would gladly go out of my way to get another. Does get hot on the outside so be aware of where you place this item. Sure the pans that came with it are not the highest of quality but shoot can't have everything in one basket, everything removes and cleans fairly easy as well. Mine actually came in brushed stainless even better!!

Raymond, NH


Cooks Essentials K29965 0.9-cubic-foot Heavy-duty Convection Oven

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