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Over-the-Ear Headphones
PX 100
Sennheiser On Ear Headphones

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Phenomenal and Durable Headphones


The PX 100 was the first pair of Sennheiser headphone I bought and frankly I will only buy Sennheiser for headphones. Sound quality aside, which is fantastic by the way, the build quality of these headphones in unmatched. The headphones come with a hard carrying case which holds and protects the folded headphones. If you get the newer version of these headphones the PX 100 II a pouch is included. Either way these headphones can take a beating. The only downside I can think of is the 3.5mm headphone jack. At times, when listening to music while your ipod is in your back pocket, the jack distorts a bit and you can hear some of the channels fade a bit. Best to buy an L adapter to prevent this. A final note - the service department of Sennheiser is fantastic. They honor their warranties and know how to treat customers.

Providence, RI


Outstanding Sennheiser Quality Headphones


They just don't make as good a headphones as they used to. This PX100 is one of the better headphones I've have, and definitely the quality that Sennheiser stands for. It's flexible, though maybe a bit weak in the structure, but extremely portable since it folds up and able to carry around in a very small profile. It is an open ear headphone, so there's a bit of bleed from these headphones, but that is to be expected. The sound quality is amazing; definitely not something that I expect from a portable headphone. The bass is very good, and much better than some of Sennheiser products, which makes me wonder why they don't use this bass on other high end headphones. I can listen to music and discover new things on the bass that I never heard before. The middle and highs on these cans are alright, a bit too blurry for my tastes, but this is a portable headphone so I don't hold it against it. Overall, this is definitely a good purchase if you can get a hand on it.

San Jose, CA


Good phones from Sennheiser!!


I was looking for some decent phones and even though these were a little out of the price range I had in mind I decided that I was going to try them any way.  Overall I really like them and the sound is great for the price.  Every thing sounds really crisp and clear and I get the bass response that I want.  I do wish that the head phones were a little bit more secure around the ears because when I am around loud sounds the phones do not prevent the external sounds from entering.  I guess if I wanted to pay more I could get noise cancelling and that would solve the problem but for the money these sure do a good job.  Another thing I was looking for is that I wanted a secure fit so when working out I did not have to worry about them falling out of my ears or whatever.  These things hold securely to your head and they collapse too so you can shove them in a small pack and not have to worry about them sticking out.  I am glad I purchased them.

Richmond, KY




**After having many different brands of headphones, I would review these as the most comfortable (can use for long periods of time without discomfort)...and most resilient brand...and especially, nice for travel.  They can be easily consealed in their  cloth pouch,  in contrast to the PX 100s plastic container.   The headband is much more comfortable than other Sennheiser headphones. Also, much sturdier than the basic black px 100s, which I owned for approximately 4 years.. I much prefer the one-sided cord with its nontangling potential...for the expense, these headphones provide high quality, superb so**und..I use them, regularly, in listening to music, television, movies, etc. for hours...Also, you can easily wash or when needed, replace the ear cushions.. They come with a 2 year warranty, and I have read, they have great customer service, if replacements are needed.    Although, not a audiophile, I feel like one with these cans!

Woodland Park, CO


Sennheiser On Ear Headphones

4.8 4