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Sally's Beauty
Sally's Beauty Meta Grip Premium Mini Bob Pins

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Sally's Beauty Supply


I like going to Sallys Beauty Supply.They always have a lot of beauty products.If you were a student or beauty operator you could get a discount. But if you sign up for a year you get a discount card.And when you spend a certain amount every month you'll get a 25% coupon on the back of your reciept.That is a challenge right there.But remember don't lose it,or it won't do you any good.Even if you have your card.I get a savings of 15% this time as I got a discount card in the mail

Bakersfield, CA


Love these Bobby pins!


I got these bobby pins for Christmas last year and I've used them pretty much every day since.  They can hold the hair really well in either a bun, or just pulling your hair back.  If you're wearing a ponytail, they can pin up the little hairs that are too short to fit in a ponytail, or those little annoying hairs that always come loose!  I also really like the color of these bobby pins because my hair is very blonde, so ordinary black/dark brown bobby pins really stand out when i wear them and they don't look very good.  These bobby pins blend into my hair much more so I can wear them without being too obvious.  They close tightly on my hair also, and don't fall out in an hour like a lot of bobby pins do.  It's also nice because you don't have to use like five of them to hold up a little strand of hair.  One or two will do the trick.  They also don't pull your hair when you take them out...they just slide right out.  Very nice!

Big Lake, MN


Sally's Beauty Meta Grip Premium Mini Bob Pins

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