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RoC CompleteLift Serum

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Skin looks and feels great, but where's the lift?


I am guessing I have tried most of the "drug store" brands of skin care in my quest for beautiful, fresh, unlined skin.  I am starting to realize that shipped has sailed. But I keep hoping the next thing I try will turn the ship around. RoC products have given me the most results for my money so far. I am now using the whole firming line. Some good things about RoC Lift Serum; it does not irritate my sensitive skin, it does not dry out my skin, and it does not have a strong scent. This serum is pleasant to use. It goes on very smoothly and asorbs right into the skin. My face has a warm feeling to it immediatly after the serumis applied. I then apply the RoC Lifting day or night lotion or cream depending on the time of day. The RoC Lifting serum improves the look of my skin. My skin looks fresher and healthy. It does a nice job moisturizing my skin and improving the texture. Of course this is subjective and in no way scientific, but I feel like the lines in my skin have a somewhat less obvious appearance. But lifted? Does my skin look lifted? Does my jaw line look tighter? Does that weird space where my jaw/chin meets my neck look more lifted? No, no and no.    So as far as anything being lifted, no. As far as improving the appearance of my skin, yes. I can say try RoC for it's good points, just don't expect any lifting.   

cape cod, MA


RoC CompleteLift Serum

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