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Revlon ColorStay Always On Nail Enamel Natural .33 fl oz

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I just love this polish. It's the best I found, it don't chip or leak. The color seems to last a long time for my nails and goes on smoothly. I always put a second coat when putting my polish on but with this one you really don't need to. It's perfect for those who like to paint your nails.



Not Revlon's best, but I like it!


If I had to chose a favorite brand of nail polish, it would definitely be Revlon. I love Revlon nail polishes and Revlon ColorStay Always On Nail Enamel Natural .33 fl oz is one of them. I love having my nails done and looking nice, and Revlon can allow that to happen. I love using Revlon ColorStay Always On Nail Enamel Natural .33 fl oz because it makes my nails look nice and closer to natural than I thought. I usually grow my nails long and using other brands of nail polish was messing them up. However, Revlon ColorStay Always On Nail Enamel Natural .33 fl oz did not at all mess them up. It actually allowed them to look natural and always neat and presentable. The nail polish drys quickly when I first apply it to my nails. It also lasts very long on my nails. I wash the dishes multiple times a day and it does not mess up my nails. I will say that maybe after 5 or so days of wearing the Revlon nail polish it will begin to come off. That really impressed a lot seeing how my fingers are always in water.



Better in theory than in practice, better on toes than fingers.


I have always been really obsessive about keeping my nails manicured/pedicured, so when I found this product at the store promising to stay fresh-looking for 10 days+, I was sold. I bought a darker mauve/berry color for my toes and a lighter clear/pink color for my fingers. For some reason this product worked better on my toes, and the darker color worked better than the lighter color. The two-bottle system (color and clear sealant) is no more tedious than my normal routine (two color coats and a top coat), but for someone looking for a quick one-coat wonder, this is not for you. The first color coat dried relatively quickly for me, so I was pleased, but the second color coat took longer (it felt "gummy" for a long time) and tended to bubble. The clear sealant coat took a long time to dry as well. The next day the polish on my fingers started to peel off in large pieces, which was disappointing. I was very impressed with the pedicure though - it stayed for a long long time on my toes and if you have time to let each coat dry for ages in order to avoid bubbles, this is great for a long-lasting pedi.

Katy, TX


Revlon ColorStay...the name speaks for itself!


If you like the way your nails look when they're just painted, but hate the idea of them chipping a day later, fear no more!  This product gives you the "just painted" look for at least a week and I can usually get away with wearing it for about 10 days with only slight wearing at the tips of the nails. Even though it's tough to remove, it's worth the effort since you don't have to do it so often.  I only wish there were more of a color selection.

Broomfield, CO


stays on!!!


I had all but given up on wearing nail polish. Within a few short hours it would look terrible. It would peel, knick or something. Making my hands look worst than if I had done nothing. I bought this because it was on sale, gave it a try and it looked good for days! I went back and bought two more one a brighter color as the first was a very pale pink. I am happy to have a nail product that is worth putting on.

Hamilton, MI


Revlon ColorStay Always On Nail Enamel Natural .33 fl oz

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