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Parent's Choice Silicone Orthodontic Pacifiers

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Good for Some Children


Of our two children, one loved pacifiers from about the time that he was born, and the other one would never really take them at all. So in our experience, different children like different things. Some like pacifiers, and some don't. But for our son that loves pacifiers, he always liked this particular kind. It was easy for him to suck on, and as he grew and was able to grasp thing in his hands, the ring on this pacifier was very easy for him to grip. The design of the ring on this product helped him develop some fine motor skills as he learned to grip it and put it back into his mouth himself. This product is also generally safe for children. Different children can react to different things, but our son never had a problem with an allergic reaction or bad skin reaction through the use of this product. Altogether, I would highly recommend this product for any baby that is willing to take a pacifier.



Cheap binkies but my kids didn't like them.


I received some of these ugly orange binkies as a gift and thought I'd give them a try since I didn't want to go buy other ones. My daughter hated them! Sure they are cheap but the nipple seemed to be a weird shape and it wasn't long enough for her to get a good grip to suck on them. They also look like they could be doll binkies; they look and feel cheap. My daughter uses them as her doll binkies now that I've given up trying to use them. I shoved them in a drawer and when our son was born I pulled them out to see if he would like them. He had the same problem and couldn't keep them in his mouth and suck since the nipple was too short. I've tried several other kinds, including Playtex and Avent and I keep going back to the NUK binkies. I usually like other Parent's choice products but do not like these binkies! Just go spend a little more for binkies that your kids can actually suck on!



Parent's Choice Silicone Orthodontic Pacifiers

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