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Palm Smartphone

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Outstanding PDA


Palm Life Drive is an outstanding PDA. I love this small computer. It has a high price of about 399.00 but it packs a punch. This is a must have for any mom on the go. You can upload music and pictures to it and even has built in wi-fi so that yo can access the web where ever you maybe. You can sync it to your computer and upload your calender using Microsoft's Outlook Express, phone contacts, and any medical or word documents that you may need to carry with you. On the calender you can keep track of everyone's appointments by using a different color. Also you can go to the palm web site and down load programs to help make your life run easier. Some programs are free and other range between 19.99 to 35.99 depending on what you need.  It fits in your purse and does not take up alot of room. This is a great PDA to have and I would recommend it to anyone that needs to keep track of everyday life.

Homeworth, OH


Nice try, but unfortunately it didn't quite make it.


The palm lifedrive is not a bad device, but with new technology out it is definitely obsolete. The device sports a 4gb harddrive which provides a lot of space, but battery life is a ridiculously low 2 hours. This provides enough time to watch a movie and that's about it. Additionally load times can be slow when data is stored on the harddrive because it needs to be spun up every time. There are a few 3rd party applications that will help you cache frequently used programs to extend battery life and increase speed and this is also a hack that allows you to use a solid state drive. However, the drawbacks outweigh the advantages. The device is still very heavy as well as bulky. It was fun as a novelty item, but overall i found it to be very impractical. It is not even very useful as a music player due to the amount of battery it uses, the size, weight, and inconvenient control access. Phones offer more features, and music players do their job better. The only advantage was the screen to view a movie on, but at the same time A small netbook would be cheaper and more flexible if that was your goal.

Brunswick, MD


Has everything!


I love this tool. I got it at a discount on the palm website for 1/2 price. It's a scheduler, mp3 player, holds tons of music, photos, games, and you can even read and edit ms word documents and read acrobat documents.

Medicine Lodge, KS


Best PDA I've ever had


I've had a Lifedrive for a little over a year now and I love it!  I can watch movies on it, listen to audio books, review and write MS Word documents on the go, and keep a schedule.  I refer to it as my electronic brain.  It often sounds an alarm for something that I'm supposed to do and 9 times out of 10 I ask myself, "What am I supposed to be doing now?".  After pulling it out I remember and get far more done than I used to.  I've tried conventional planners in the past, but I just couldn't stick with them.  The Lifedrive is a cool enough gadget that I actually use it. The only downsides are that it is a little slow to turn on sometimes (2-3 seconds) and start using it.  I am also disappointed that Palm has stopped manufacturing them, so it looks like tech support may not be as helpful if there is a problem with the device.

Vicksburg, MS


A lot of power in a little package, do just about anything


This one of those cases where I relied heavily on my son's judgement for the purchase. I give him the list of needs and he tells me what to buy. What I like now that I have it is the ease of use, the storage capacity and how well it meets my needs. My first need is to combine as many features into a single device as I can. I like a phone that is simply a phone and I want everything else in a single compact device. I like the large storage capacity, the ability to have my tunes, the ability to show a powerpoint or other presentation on the spot,it is easy to updatable contacts information where ever I am and I need my calander to talk to my lap top easily. I am not a technophobe, but I don't enjoy to spending a lot of time learning a new device. I chose to write this review because it was on the list of invited reviews at the bottom of the PDA category. However, the Palm webpage says this item is no longer available at the Palm Store, and an alternate website says that it was discontinued in January of 2007 because it does not meet European Leadfree standards. It is really unfortunate that such a wonderful device would have that problem. I think it is important to build products that are safe to use and also safe to dispose of after use. What is the green buyer to do? These products, unfortunately, are already built. I don't see a value in tossing out my purchase now that I know this because it is still the disposal of it that is problematic. However, I will be disposing of it properly when I'm done. It seems that there would still be a secondary market for existing Life Drives, and that there will soon be a replacement that does meet standards. I do recommend either.  

Marietta, GA


Palm Smartphone

4.4 5