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Novartis Myoflex

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Myoflex does not help with pain


Myoflex is another one of those creams that you rub on and the medicine in it is supposed to relieve your pain. It doesnt'. I would put this in the same category as Aspercream and Bengay. It's something you rub on and "think" you will get relief with. I tried Myoflex with pulled muscles and it didnt' do anything. I tried it for neck pain, it did nothing. I even tried it for my arthritis pain; again it did nothing. If you are one who has very minor pain, who knows it might help you but if you have pain that keeps you from functioning normally, then this isn't going to help. It's the same as rubbing lotion on (you will have the same effect). I would not recommend wasting money on anything for pain that doesn't put out heat. Heat is the only thing that I have found to work.I would also recommend that you wear disposable gloves when you use it as it's almost impossible to get off your hands. If you do use this product, wear disposable gloves as it's hard to wash off and it stinks.

Dallas, GA


Myoflex relieves my pain


This is a product that we always have on hand. We keep one in the medicine cabinet, one in our vehicle and I keep on in my purse. We were first introduced to Myoflex odorless, grease-less pain relieving cream fifteen years ago. A friend recommend Myoflex to relieve what appeared to be Tennis elbow but in our case it was violin elbow. The annoying pain had been on going for months and thank goodness we were smart enough to give it a try. The fact that it was odorless and grease-less made it more appealing since many odors just make us sick to smell and being grease-less is definitely a plus but the real deal in making us go straight to the drug store and purchase this product was the personal good review that it would work from a trusted friend. Of course it did work and we back this product 100 percent. Down through the years we always recommend this to our friends who are experiencing pain in joints. I often share my open tube with them because I know they will bring it back and go buy their own Myoflex to keep on hand. I only need to use this once in awhile mostly in the spring because I use my muscles more than I did in the winter. It has worked on sore knees and stiff necks if you sleep wrong. This product is one of the reasons I enjoy writing reviews. Word of mouth from a trusted friend. Effectiveness Still keep this product on hand because it is excellent and effective for relief sore muscles Ease of Use Excellent not greasy. Easy to carry along. Easy to apply.

Ellwood City, PA


Novartis Myoflex

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