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Microsoft (K80-00035) Wireless Mouse (K80-00070)

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A great mouse with no wires attached.


Loved using this product as it is cordless and so have no wires to worry about. You are able to use the button instead of the keyboard to make changes, switch to different lines and not need to worry about things moving around. I love the fact that I can move the wireless mouse anywhere I want it is light and easy to use and affordable. Plus it is made by Microsoft so I feel it is made to last. If you are like me who is tired or having to always untangle your cords on the computer this will be one thing less to worry about. They even come in colors so you can pick the color you want. Performance So easy to use and operate Durability Have not had any problems and it has dropped and nothing happened. Design nice to hold and easy to use Comfort very comfortable to use

Bellmore, NY


Microsoft (K80-00035) Wireless Mouse (K80-00070)

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