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Microsoft - Cell Phone

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great phone


I have had this phone for about 3 months now. and i absolutly love it. some great pros about it are it has free wifi which is one of the main reasons why i bought this phone. it has 8gb of memory built in it. and for the people who dont know this is more than enough to have on a phone most phones only have 1 or 2 at the mostalso it doesnt get that bad of a signal. another great thing about this phone is that it is powered by micro soft so it has a zune hd built in it it sounds good too. built with speakers on the out side (not like the zune hd) also it has an 8 megapixel camera it has a silide out keyboard a 3.5 mm headphone jack(the normal size of headphones) and much more. some cons about this phone is you cant forward messages ther keyboard takes a while to get used to (it is very spaced out) there is no slot for a memory card. also you cant buy or download any apps or games for it. the bottom line is that if you are looking for a smart phone with apps then this isnt for you. but if you want a cool phone to use wifi then i recremend this phone but either why you should read and find more out about this phone

Mogadore, OH


No iPhone, but great with free Wifi!


The touch isn't great, but not bothersome. I've used the iPhone and iPod Touch a lot from others and the touch is great. Sometimes it's a little hard to scroll or have it recognize the buttons. The best part is the release of these phones again, which enables customers to use free WIFI and not require the data plan. While lots of reviews show "the spot", it's no longer part of this phone. Verizon has taken it out so it doesn't become a part of the "smartphone" category, requiring it to be paired with a data plan. The phone comes a nice set of extras: calendar, alarm, calculator and Zune mp3 capability. The 8MP camera is legit too, it's pretty fast to operate, but the zoom isn't great. It will autofocus before you take the picture and there is some noticeable lag between clicking the shoot button and having it actually take a picture. The phone comes with a whooping 8GB of space for photos, music and video. Pretty cool to use, Verizon didn't give me a cd for drivers, but you can download them via Microsoft. Look for "Zune Software" and you should be good to go, it'll detect the phone and enable you to upload and send stuff to and from your phone!

Sacramento, CA


Best feature phone on verizon


I have been using the Microsoft Kin Twom by Sharp for a little over a week now. I have discovered it does have a few quarks, which I will cover first.The phone is pretty great aside from:*No deleting ringtones*No new applications*Phone needs to restart to change themes*No memory expansion However, these aside, it is a pretty great little device. It's keyboard takes a bit of getting used to, but overall I'd say its better than my LG enV touch. The battery life is great, I can get 3 days of use out of it even when frequently sending text messages and using the WiFi alot. The camera's pictures tend to be a bit grainy, and the videos, although HD, are grainy as well. The fact that you dont need a data plan to use this phone is also great. This phone is perfect for those who want a smartphone like experience without the smartphone pricing.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA




I recently upgraded my phone with Verizon to the new Kin TWOm .  It's basically the same phone as the Kin Two, but with a software change and the fact that you do not have to have a data plan with it.  They took out The Spot and you can no longer upload your photos and video to the Kin Studio. They took all aspects of Social networking out. This was so that it didn't use so much data, and could be listed under the feature phones.The cool thing is this phone has WIFI and a premium HTML browser, and you don't need a data plan with it!  It's also got 8gb of internal storage.  It also features a Zune player, and takes HD videos.  You can sync all your photos and video's to your computer via the Zune software application.  All of this and it's a feature phone, not listed under smart phones.  All around I LOVE the phone it's a great phone.  The photo quality is stunning for a feature phone. It rivals that of iPhone!Now like all things there are quirks to the phone. But in my opinion they are just minor annoyances and can be lived with.- There is no micro SD card slot for expansion.  So, all you have is the 8gig. But I have tons of photos, videos and ringtones on my phone and still have almost 7 gig left.  So I don't think that the no expansion slot is an issue.- You can not transfer contacts.  It does have Bluetooth but only for headsets, not transferring of contacts. But if you go into the Verizon store they can transfer that for you, so problem solved.- You can not delete ringtones or rename them.  Weird I know but with 8gig of memory I doubt that would be a problem. - There is no notebook application on the phone.  However, if you txt yourself, it works just the same.- You can not save anything from the HTML browser or upload anything.  Really not an issue.  To get ringtones on your phone send them via an email with no more than 4 ring tones in one email to  If you do not have a txt plan it costs 0.25 per pix message you receive.  So I advise sending 4 ringtones per txt you send through email. -  When you want to send an email via mms or txt you can't.  The email address will bring up the email application.  Fix around this is to just manually put in the email and send it that way. - You can not attach an already saved video via mms.  You have to live capture it, and then send it.  Didn't bother me because I don't send video's anyways. - You can not forward txt messages.  Why they didn't include that I'll never know, however, I never forward txt messages anyways so it really didn't bother me.  But the way around it is to do a screen capture from the phone of the txt message and send it as a picture in mms. (yes the phone has screen capture!) - You will need to have the phone in "airplane mode" with wifi on, in order not to get charged with data charges from using the browser.  But you can also block data through your online account with Verizon as well and that will work.  This way you can use the wifi aspect of the phone without data charges.These, to me, are minor annoyances. I get the feel of a smart phone without the data plan.  If you are on the America's Choice II old plan that is now their Loyalty plan where data comes off your minutes, this is an awesome phone for you. They let you keep your loyalty plan!If you're looking for a phone your kids will love, and one that doesn't break your budget, this is the phone. I guarantee you your kids will be in heaven, and you will be happy too.  It's a win win situation! 

Fort Atkinson, WI


Microsoft - Cell Phone

4.5 4