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Method Bloq Shave Cream

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Method Bloq shave lotion is a nice treat


Method has really made some unique items and this shave lotion is certainly one of them.  It comes in great, fresh scents and seems to be moisturizing.  It is not really a shave cream as it doesn't really lather.  It is another quality product from Method and you don't need to use a lot of it to get the job done right. This lotion left my legs very soft and smooth after shaving and I really didn't have any nicks or razor burn.  Really does moisturize, like you want a shave lotion to moisturize.  The scent is just enough, gentle and sweet.  The packaging is certainly something to look at, but I also really liked the fact that the Bloq is not slippery when wet, which means it doesn't slide out of your hands in the shower! I am very sad to say it is one of the Method products I have a harder time finding.  Many of the stores I used to purchase it from no longer carry it, but it is certainly something to look out for, since it is GREAT!

Oroville, CA


Super smooth shaving LOTION! (it's not a cream or foam)


I was initially drawn to this product because of the packaging (I'm a graphic designer, what can I say), and was intrigued by the fact that it was a shave lotion.  I bought the green kind (sort of a clean minty scent) and tried it.  I think its great.  It leaves mt legs really smooth.  I have sensitive under arm skin that gets red and bumpy if I'm not *really *careful when I shave.  This product has limited my need to go easy when shaving my pits now!  They are very smooth and even moisturized when I'm done shaving.  By far the closest and *longest lasting* under arm shave I've ever had; usually I have to shave every other day, and now I'm down to 3 times a week, max.***Also:***My husband ran out of his foaming shave gel and used this stuff to shave his beard stubble off (1/4 inch long).  He was so pleased with the results that he told me not to bother buying him Gillette anymore.  He wants more of the Method!  Says he's never had a smoother shave.   He also has trouble with skin bumps and sensitivity on his face, and said that this stuff didn't cause any irritation or stinging, even when he put on after shave lotion.

Windsor, CO


Method Bloq Shave Cream

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