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Logitech MX 510 Mouse

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Great mouse, low price.


I got this quite a while back for my old desktop -- the mouse outlived the computer, and is still going strong. Bought it to replace a crappy Razer mouse that I couldn't hold properly, really disliked that one. I was more used to light agile mice, but decided to give the mx510 a go after playing around with my friend's mx500 for a while. It took a while to get used to the much increased weight of the mx510, but the overall feel is one of comfort and reliability. The build quality of the thing seems really good, and the allowable acceleration was well able the speed I could move it at, even when twitch gaming. Nowadays I see much bigger numbers on the new mice on the market, but truth be told theres really no need for such insane acceleration allowances. Not sure what the price is now, but when i got it for 37 sgd it was well worth the price. after 3 years of use the connection with the computer sometimes drops but fixes itself when i replug the usb cable. could be something off with the CPU instead too.

Urbana, IL


The Logitech MX510 is a mighty mouse!!!


I bought the Logitech MX510 when I still played Counter-Strike. Getting a good mouse that was accurate and precise was crucial. The MX510 fits the bill. For gaming, it is a stellar mouse to use. Because of its use of optical tracking, mouse movements are precise and do not skip. It's also a great mouse to use for browsing because of the extra buttons. The mouse has your standard left click, right click, and scroll wheel. You can also click down on the scroll wheel. The are two buttons on the side for use with your thumb, buttons above and below the scroll wheel and another button near the center of the mouse. The thumb buttons are awesome when you're browsing because you can use them to move back and forwards in pages. All the buttons can be reconfigured to your choosing. You can use them for shortcuts and to open or launch certain programs. The MX510 is a gamer's delight because of its accuracy but also recommended for anyone in need of an upgrade. It's got lots of buttons, optical tracking, and even looks pretty spiffy.

Downers Grove, IL


despite its age, this is still my favorite mouse!


Does it have laser tracking? No. Does it have wireless technology? No. Is it weight adjustable? No. But still, this is my favorite mouse! The mouse is extremely light for its size and form factor. This gives me a great advantage when I game for extended period. The mouse is highly responsive, but due to its age and considering the technology back then, it doesn't track as many surfaces as the recent mice. You have to get a decent mousepad in order to take the full advantage of the mouse. The gripping surface is plasticy with very cool holograms on it whereas the recent upgrades are matte surfaced. I like the ones on the MX510 better since it doesn't attract as much sweat after extended usage. I hoped the mouse feet were larger like most of the recent gaming mice. It has the basic forward and backward button on the side which I find it very handy. The signs on the buttons near the scroll tends to wear off easily.

Houston, TX


Logitech MX 510 Mouse

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