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Lexmark All-In-One Printer P6250

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Lexmark P6250 All-In-One Ink Jet Printer


I have had this printer for over 6 years and it is still working like it did day one. The copies are clear whether computer generated or just making a copy of something. The ink lasts for a very long time. Even when it shows low ink it still makes copies for a long time. The color ink makes good quality color prints. Although I feel the ink replacement is expensive, it does last a long time. ( I feel all brands of ink replacement are expensive). Three even four months after it alerts me to low ink, I'm still using the same cartridge. This printer is not only a printer, but it also scans and copies. It also has the capacity to print photos. To do this you have to replace the colored ink with the photo ink. It cannot hold all three inks at once. This printer is very easy to set up and to load the paper into it. The paper feeds through nicely and there are very few paper jams or problems relatee to that. I've been very happy with this printer.

Perry, OH


I enjoyed using this printer, but thought the ink was expensive.


I like the way you can view your photos before you print. Its easy to use, you don't have to be tech savy to use it. Setup was simple, just load software, plug in and use. The biggest draw back to me is the cost of the ink and it doesn't last long either. You can copy photos and the reproduction is nearly perfect, just makesure you use the photo cartridge.

Cincinnati, OH


Still loving it after 5+ years!!!


I've had this printer for over five years and I still love it!  This thing is awesome!  It prints and copies just as well as the day it did when I got it.  It also scans, but I never use the scan function.  It also shows the thing you are copying right on a little screen.  And theres a spot to put memory cards.  It rarely jams and is perfect for all my school projects.  Actually, my parents have the same printer in their office (they've had it for about 6 years) and theirs is still working great too!  This thing is really high quality!

Colonia, NJ


Lexmark All-In-One Printer P6250

4.0 3