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LG " 1080p LED TV with 240 Hz 47 in. HDTV

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When my old flat screen finally died, we wanting a nice big screen to play video games on and watch movies. After finding an amazing deal on this tv at walmart, we snatched it up quick. Installing it was a piece of cake. Just plugged everything in, played with the menu for a few minutes, and we were watching a tv with a gorgoeus picture. I love how many cable outlets are in the back, we had plenty to hook up out xbox 360, dvd player, and left over ones if we need them. I love that it is an energy saving tv, we've definitely noticed a change from our last tv in the cost of using it. Its super easy to navgiate through the menus, and the buttons are nicely hidden on the side of the tv. I can't say i've had one problem with this tv, it's great!

Lutz, FL


LG HDTV can't be beat!


We purchased our LG 47" 240HZ slim HDTV mid December and set it up immediatly. Vey easy to set up and is internet ready. I wanted to delay reviewing it just to make sure we still love it, and we do. My partner is a professinal driver and I am home alot by myself due to my health. The TV only gets powered off about twice a week, so it is like we have had this a long time due to it's usage. At the touch of a button I have Netflix, I can dim the tv at night by puting it on power saving mode, and check my e-mail. Plus, the LG HDTV looks great in my living room. It is only about a inch and half deep, also. Great buy!

Peru, IN


Excellent TV


We ordered this TV as our second LED flat screen to replace the other way old Sony we had. We had already replaced one oldie with the LG LH90 and loved that so we decided to upgrade once more. Obviously going from any old CRT to a newer plasma/LCD/LED is going to be an improvement but we all know that the new TV's are not created equal. The setup was as simple as could be, we hooked up the Blu-ray, cable box, and home theatre system as well as tied into the home network for streaming. I am technologically ok but by no means an expert and I had no problems what so ever. The picture is beautiful, especially after customizing the settings. The off-angle viewing is totally acceptable in my opinion for any of the LCD/LED TV's. As for some of the reviews that mention blooming...either I do not have an eye for it or my set is perfect (probably the first!). The gloss screen could be a problem for some...but we have it in a room with very minimal lighting so we have no problem with glare. The sound quality out of the TV alone is acceptable and improved over the LH90 but we have it with a sound system, as I think many people do. Overall, I love it!

Tucson, AZ


LG " 1080p LED TV with 240 Hz 47 in. HDTV

5.0 3