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Krups TeaStyle FLB115-75  Cordless Electric Kettle

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I love having this in our kitchen because you can use this little appliance for just about anything. And I mean just about anything.:) We use our Tea Kettle not just for making tea we use it to make instant coffee ( my mom and dad drink that nasty stuff) you can make Romen Noddles faster then using a microwave and it makes them taste 10 times better. We use it for just about anything. I would recommended it to anyone looking for easy hot water that may not have a miicrowave (hipothinking) If you do not have one GET ONE



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Having an electric tea kettle is like having available comfort 24/7. Any time you want a cup of tea, it is ready to go. The water heats up so quickly. It is also a good thing to have in order to heat water for other reasons. It does not take up much room, it is attractive, and very easy to use. It has an automatic shut off button, once the water starts to boils, it shuts off - This is a great feature for those who tend to walk away and get side-tracked. :)

Bethlehem, PA


Krups TeaStyle FLB115-75 Cordless Electric Kettle

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