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Jet 708433/JDS 12'' Benchtop Disc Sander

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The Jet 12" Desktop Disc Sander is one of the best tools I own.


I purchased the Jet desktop disc sander primarily for machining aluminum. I had planned on finding a cheap alternative, but I quickly discovered that many of the other options on the market had horrible runout (wobble in the disc) that was simply unacceptable for my work. After searching quite a bit and researching many options I decided on the Jet. I am very happy with the purchase. It is quite heavy, and really quiet while running. Most importantly, it runs smooth and true with nearly no noticeable runout. I have used this machine for several years now and have never had a problem. Care definitely needs to be taken when squaring the table, and good quality sanding discs go a long way in making life easier. Cheap sanding discs are a PAIN to remove once spent. I have also used it for its intended purpose, woodworking. This beast eats through hardwood with ease. The heavy cast iron table is large enough to support substantial pieces. There is also an integrated circle jig that makes it a breeze to sand perfect circles up to 18" in diameter. I highly recommend a dust collector of some sort, as the huge 4" dust port will cover your shop in fine sanding dust in no time. The included miter gauge was the only real letdown. It seemed rather nice, had a large surface area, and was easy enough to square... but with the first use the handle snapped off. I have plenty around the shop so it didn't set me back, but you may want to invest in a better quality miter gauge. In summary, my Jet sander has seen years of heavy abuse and still runs smooth and true... one of my favorite tools.

Garland, TX


Jet 708433/JDS 12'' Benchtop Disc Sander

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