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JBL - Stereo Speaker

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JBL S412: The closest to B&W DM602


JBL S412: The closest to B&W DM602. We recently traded up our old home theater setup. Along with a set of S38 bookshelfs we got a set of S412p and S center speakers to complete our home theater system. These are big bad boys! Sound is amazing, a JBL trademark. Crystal clear highs, great bass from the 250W powered 12 inch sub and imaging and transparency which is uncompared by speakers costing way more. We have a set of B&W DM 602's and these sound amazingly close if not better than them. These do need a power outlet near them since they have on board amps. They can accept direct speaker level input or if you have a subwoofer line out on your receiver you can feed the highs as traditional speaker level input and the bass or LFE as a line level input. Bass level is adjustable by means of a control knob on the back of the speaker. These speakers stand tall and serve great as your home theater front channel or just as a set of stereo speakers. For maximum enjoyment, run them with a stand alone power amplifier in the 100-150W per channel range.

Jacksonville, FL


JBL - Stereo Speaker

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