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Hotpoint Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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                                              REFRIGERATORS ARE NOT ALL ALIKE When looking for a new refrigerator don't be fooled thinking they are all alike, they are not.  My Hotpoint is the best, starting with the ice maker and on door dispensing.  I never liked water so I never drank it.  But with my Hotpoint the water and ice taste great because of the water filter.  My brother got a new fridge and his has a different kind of filter and his water is no good.  The other good things with my Hotpoint are the shelves are all glass and tempered so they can stand a lot of abuse.  The shelves on the door can hold a gallon of milk or be changed to any size you need.  The freezer compartment is always an even temperature and can be controled from outside so you do not have open the door to do this.  Vegetables last longer in the sealed drawers.

Corry, PA


Makes Loud Noises & we have to turn it off every so often


I don't think its a very good refrigerator.  I've owned many in my time and the value just isn't there.  The shelving isn't that good.  Also ours is pushbutton control on the coldness in icemaker panel and it seems to get stuck and run constantly to where we have to turn coldness settings to highest temperature to get refrigerator to stop running with a pretty good sound to turn off for a while and I guess warm up a little inside.  It keeps things good and cold in refrig and solid frozen in freezer, but seems like it runs a little bit too much and too long sometimes to where we have to turn temp up so it will stop running for a while.  We wonder about how economical it is if it wants to run constantly when set on normal tempf for refrig & freezer (5).  Also, in ours, the ice maker doesn't work well.  The ice is constantly becoming frozen solid in ice compartment and won't come out at ice depenser.  You have to open ice tray over and over and hit it & shake it to get the ice to finally come out at ice despenser = maybe because refrig is constantly running at times?

Troy, MO


Hotpoint Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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