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Hopkin's Hopkins (HPK16721) 10" Bear Claw Ice Scraper # 16721

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Hopkins 10 Inch Bear Claw Ice Scraper: Clean Windows In Seconds


Even if you live in an area that only gets a modest amount of snow, ice can be a huge problem when trying to clear vehicle windows. Sure, you always have the option to run the defroster but that isn't a guarantee that everything is going to cleared off of all of the widows to allow for safe driving. The handle is textured so you can get a solid grip on it but if you are scraping for more than a minute or two you are going to want to wear gloves to protect your hands from frostbite. The Hopkins Bear Claw is a basic but sturdy scraper that can loosen and clear ice and frost from all vehicle windows. It is not recommended for use on headlights, taillights or turn signals because the claw area could end up scratching or weakening the plastic. With proper use this can last for a couple of wears and so far the claw section on mine is in almost perfect shape. This is a medium reach length; you can get shorter and longer scrapers but this generally the best size for cars. Trucks and SUV's would benefit from a longer scraper so it is easier to reach the center section of the windows. As mentioned, this is a bare bones scraper so there is no snow brush on it. If all you need is something to clear ice and frost then this is going to work perfectly but if you live in a city or township that requires you to clear loose snow before operating a vehicle you may need to invest in a long-handle brush to get that accomplished.



Hopkin's Hopkins (HPK16721) 10" Bear Claw Ice Scraper # 16721

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