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HP Pavilion desktop computer

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The HP systems are the most consistent and reliable on the marke


I've had this HP for a while now and i'm due for another,  I'm just looking for a good HP deal, nobody else is under consideration because of the ease i've had using this system.  Friends are using some of the competitons systems and in each case the systems were designed around a specific attitude or pre-dispositon to what the producer felt the user needs.  HP is interested in the power and capability of all users, basically this means they worried about quality of components in hardware, versatility of software plugin capability.  Plenty of USB access ports for whatever variety or changes I as user required.  HP didn't try to tell me what to like, they gave me a platform I could use in a variety of personal interests, and made it simple to update, change, remove or completely replace systems & software.  Even the operating system is completely secondary to the users needs.  This hardware and physical support system can take any operating system and run with it at my speed.  I'm a legacy mainframe operator professonal.  If all your interested in is e-mails and twitting just about any system works well enough, but if you want the capability to network multiple systems, run several apps full out, and play on-line games (not hearts I'm talking WOW and similar games) and have the system run cool and correct without hangs or crashes then HP is the only one to go with.

Whitney, TX


Being disabled my HP computer keeps me up to date on all news an


My computer has opened my world to all kinds of imformation that wouldn require going to the library to obtain. All I now need to do is log on to my Hewlett Packard and type in the information I am looking for. Everything from the medications I am taking to new recipes I would like to try. I live alone with my two rescue dogs and I can also look up anything I need to help keep them healthy and happy. I got my first computer when I was in my 50's and I am now 65 years old and still love my HP computer. I play computer games for companionship and enjoyment, I have made so many on line friend that it is so interesting to find where they live and about their families. Computers open an intire new world for the disabled and lonely. It is so simple to share photos of friends and family both. thank you HP and please keep up the great work. Lynda Maynard  



this hp 750n desktop computer is better than i thought it would


my hp pavilion 750n is better than i thought it would be. when i got it i didnt think the mother board would be able to hold much memorey but checked on hp website and it said i could upgrade to 2gb of 3200ddr. this has made my computer to stop freezing up on me. the dvd drive in the computer plays my movies real good it doesn't lag any while playing that is a real good feature.i took and add a dvd burner to the pavilion and it wasn't at all hard to install. if you are wanting to play games on it you will deffently need to add a better graphics card. a 512mb graphics card works good with the computer. i also put in a usb card beside the ones onboard so that id have usb2.0 my wireless devices work better with it now. it has usb port on the back and on the front. if i had to change any thing with the pc i would update the cooling fan on the processer to keep it cooler. when you keep the computer on most of the time it does seem to over heat. so my over all review is that the hp pavilion 750n desktop computer is worth the money i paid.there is another thing i found wrong with the computer it on has 3 pci slots not good if you have them full and need another.

Gray Court, SC


HP Pavilion desktop computer

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