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HP PSC 2355 All-In-One Printer

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Long lasting great printer


I had to have purchased this printer around 2005.  At the time it was one of the best on the market.  Five years later it is still a great printer.  It makes great copies and prints well. It has Media card slots as well which makes it easy to transfer pictures right to the printer or PC.  Pictures come out great, and with the photo ink, they look like they came from the store.  I would definately recommend this to anyone!

Epsom, NH


HP 2355 All-In-One is a great daily use printer


The HP All-in-One Printer is a great ink jet printer for day-to-day use.  I am a graduate student and a teacher, and I am able to get all of my assignments and master documents printed out with no problem. The printer takes 2 ink cartridges (black ink and color) rather than the triad of color cartridges, which I personally prefer.  It just seems to make life easier for me.  The color is pretty good quality, although I usually print in draft mode to save on ink. The two biggest things that I like about this printer is that it is both fairly fast and fairly quiet.  Taking the slightly-above-average approach to both of these features means that you won't have a fast but boisterously loud printer, nor will you have a peacefully quiet but painfully slow printer. I enjoy using the scan and copy modes of the all-in-one printer as well.  It's great to be able to make digital records of paperwork that I don't have room to file.  Also, I can easily send documents via email that began as a hard copy.  It works really well if you subscribe to any of those online fax websites that let you upload and virtually "fax" documents. Overall, a great product for people who want daily printer usage.  I have not tried printing photos on it, though.

New York, NY


HP PSC 2355 has seen better days


We have had our HP PSC 2355 for quite a while now.  When we first purchased it we had the help of my brother who worked for HP at the time.  He helped us in recommending the best quality for the best price and all the functions that we wanted.  I liked having the scanner as part of the printer, whereas before we had a seperate scanner and printer that took up a lot of room.  This printer has held up well for us over the years and for the most part we have enjoyed it, but recently we have run into some problems connecting it to other computers.  Our main computer was out for a while so I switched to the laptop and could not get the printer to print from the laptop, even after downloding the printer software.  Fortunately our main computer was not down long, but since then we have had techi friends look at it and try to hook up other computers to the HP printer without any luck yet.  So other than that problem it has held up quite well and for quite some years now.

Naperville, IL


The best printer I have encountered


I am in love with my HP All in one printer-copier-scanner. There isn't anything it won't do, and always with excellent results. I have never had a paper jam, the ink seems to last forever and the printer hasn't failed like some have in the past. I bought this for myself for a Christmas present and I am so glad I did. You won't be disappointed if you were to purchase this little gem.

Richmond, IN


Good quality printouts, affordable price


I have had this printer for nerly 3 years. I have had great luck with it, and it is fairly easy to use. It copies and scans with good reproduction quality. Recently, it has been acting up somewhat. I dont do a lot of copying/printing but when I send a print command, it receives it, goes throough the motions, but fails to feed the paper. I have tried different paper and cleaned the feed surfaces.Still, I often have to grasp the top sheet of paper and press against it to get the printer to take it in. Also, when performing a multiple page print job, the printer will print the last page first, progressing forward to the first page. There may be a settings change that might address this, but I tolerate it as is. Ink cartridge life is acceptable. Given its age, I am very happy with this printers service. I guess it may just be time to buy a new one. If I do, it would be whatever current model offers these same attributes.

Girard, IL


HP PSC 2355 All-In-One Printer

4.2 5