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Gaviscon Acid Breakthrough Formula

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Works the best


I have trouble from time to time with nausea - I use Gaviscon to settle my stomach & prevent me from yacking.  It really helps!! I love the foil packages because the are easy to take along. Also, the foil is very sturdy, even when I'm carrying them in my pocket book, the tablets stay fresh. 

Richmond, VA


Gaviscon Acid Breakthrough is an acid reflux dream come true!


A friend gave let me try some Gaviscon Acid Breakthrough Formula in tablet form. I was really relieved when it worked super fast to take the "acid burn" from my esophagus. I was exhausted from stress and lack of sleep. A few minutes after I lay down I began to get a burning acid reflux feeling and was unable to get to sleep from it. I took 2 of the Gaviscon tablets which were strawberry cream flavored. I just nibbled them and let them dissolve. I was surprised at how quickly they relieved my symptoms. I was able to get a great nights sleep and still had no symptoms in the morning. I give this product an A+ !!! It tastes great and works quick!

Novinger, MO


Gaviscon puts out the fire fast, real fast


Let me begin by saying that I don't suffer from heartburn often.  But lord when I do, it's a five alarm job! I like my foods spicy and robust.  Thankfully I seem to have the digestive tract to fulfill the mission.  Now that doesn't mean that I haven't had episodes of heartburn.  I have.  I've even had periods of heartburn that lingered for awhile.  I've tried many heartburn remedies from Tums and Rolaids to the newer formulations like Nexium. Frankly, the Rolaids and Tums didn't seem to help me get the immediate relief I was looking for and the Nexium seemed to take to long.  Pepcid Complete did a fair job, but nothing has ever worked for me as quickly and completely as **Gaviscon.** **How they work** The oldest varieties of antacids like Alka Seltzer, Tums and Rolaids gave you a quick dose of bicarbonate of soda to neutalize the acid buildup in your stomach.  Not bad, but not necessarily complete.  If stomach acid splashed up into your esophagus you still might find yourself suffering. The newest products such as Nexium and Pepcid boast that they turn off the acid pumps in you stomach.  That's cool if you're a long-term sufferer but it does little to fix the problem right now.  And, right now is exactly when I have in mind.  Besides, turning off the acid pumps has consequences.  Try digesting some sauteed broccoli with no acid in your stomach.  Trust me when I tell you that this experiment produces some embarrassing results if you get my drift. **The Gaviscon Difference** For as long as I can remember, Gaviscon has offered me instant results no matter how insane my dining preferences proved to be. **Gaviscon **combines the acid neutraling properties of Calcium Carbonate with Alginic Acid.  The result is a blanket of thick effective protection that protects you againt  acid splashing up into your esophagus.  The acid killing properties of the calcium carbonate are short lived so as not to compromise your ability to digest your food and the protective blanket floats on the top of you stomach contents for a fairly long time. You achieve virtually instant results with reasonably long-term relief.  Sounds like a winning plan to me. **Easy to use** A tablet or two chewed will result in a foamy substance filling your mouth, not unlike a marshmallow.  A quick glass of water assures that this foamy blanket finds your stomach.  It's not for everyone.  The sensation of this tablet expanding in her mouth frankly freaks the good Mrs. Xeno out!  But even she admits that it works incredibly quickly. **My Viewpoint** When I need instant heartburn relief, this is the stuff I look for.  My medicine cabinet wouldn't be complete without it.  If you're a periodic sufferer of heartburn, you might want to pick it up.  Regards, Rudi

Boca Raton, FL


Gaviscon Acid Breakthrough Formula

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