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Gateway desktop computer

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This PC Sucks.


I Bought this "computer" when I used to base my decisions on the looks of the PC instead of looking at the Specs. Man was I stup**. The RAM is only 1GB and can only be upgraded to 2 GB which is useless with Windows Vista. Thr graphics "Card" is standard Intel which as you can tell is almost better than nothing. The keyboard that came with it broke after an year and the mouse broke after 2 years.. The most offensive move by this PC is that it came included with Vista, even with only 1 GB of RAM it was included with a Operating System that pretty much uses all of the puny GB. This is more of a rant instead of a review but thats the whole point to keep people from buying this crap desktop and go with a better PC, except for a Mac...anything is better than a Mac.     Overall this "PC" without some well needed upgrades [better graphics card,more RAM, upgraded keyboard and mouse] is pretty much useless and shouldnt be in a store much less a home. Stay away from it all costs.

Los Angeles, CA


Gateway desktop computer

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