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Gateway One 20-Inch Touch Screen All-in-One Desktop PC (Black) (PWG8502023)

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touchscren desktop computer


This gateway computer is a similar concept to the desktop computer that apple mad a while back only that this is about three time cheaper (price) Pros this is a touch screen desktop computer there is no cpu the cpu is built in for a destop with no cpu it is prety slim i think no more that three inches thick the keyboard literarily is one of the greatest i have ever used, its space out and does not make noise like other keyboards when you type. keyboard need just a light tap to eneter the text which reduces the pain to the fingers it takes about an hour to set up also you need at least 3 CD-R for the setup of the computer to back up the hard drive/ setup configuration that what take the most time. you can use an moue the mouse is also good light and smooth the computer comes with a built in webcam which you can also use as a security cam from your computer has a seprate window at the bottom right just to mess around with your touch screen paint is fun using your fingers cons i really havent found any cons

Richmond, TX


Gateway One 20-Inch Touch Screen All-in-One Desktop PC (Black) (PWG8502023)

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