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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
GE Side by Side Refrigerator GSH25VGP

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Keeps food good, but has alot of flaws.


As far as the refrigerator side goes, this is a good quality product. Unfortunately the freezer side is HORRIBLE! The shelves are narrow and deep, making it extremely difficult to get any products out. The drawer at the bottom is ridiculous. You virtually have to empty the freezer every time you want to find something. The door shelves are so small they are pretty much worthless except for cans of frozen juice concentrate or ice packs. The ice machine freezes up in a day or two if it hasn't been used and you have to remove the entire thing (which involves removing everything off the top three shelves, and defrost it. This model is a huge disappointment. Noise Level The refrigerator is usually quiet, but several times a day it goes through some type of cycle where it sounds like a jet engine warming up. This lasts from ten minutes to over an hour, I have never been able to determine the cause. Interior Organization The shelves in the refrigerator section are satisfactory, certainly not good. The lowest shelf is so hard to deal with we don't even use it. The freezer section is totally worthless as far as organization and usage. Temperature Control The refrigerator and freezer sections remain the temperature you select. Ease of Cleaning Do to the poor design, it is very difficult to clean. Every time I clean the refrigerator and freezer I end up with scraped and bloody knuckles from the sharp edges and narrow shelves and compartments. Durability None of the parts have outright broken. The butter compartment door is poorly attached, and falls off regularly, but it is easy to snap back in place. The entire unit just seems cheaply and poorly made. Design The design of this unit is horrible. I will never buy a side by side refrigerator again. I have researched the dutch door, freezer on the bottom models, and they are a much better design.



Wonderful Choice for a Small Family


I absolutely LOVE this side by side refrigerator/freezer!! The refrigerator has a lot of space for items to be stored. I particularly love the wide shelves on the door that can hold a gallon of milk and 2 liters of soda or pitchers easily. It's very handy for my teens who can simply open the door and quickly select a drink. The freezer has slide out baskets which are very nice and roomy. The only drawback that I've found is the ice maker sometimes overflows with ice cubes spilling out of the top of the maker, although this doesn't happen often. My family loves the convenience of the ice maker & filtered water options on the outside of the unit. Overall, a great purchase for any family!

Dewart, PA


GE Side by Side Refrigerator GSH25VGP

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