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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
GE Energy Star PSHF6VGX (25.6 cu. ft.) Side by Side Commercial Refrigerator

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New fridge wonders


We needed a new refrigerator after our first one, a used one from a garage sale, just couldn't cut it any more. I have always wanted a side by side with ice maker and water and this one has just the right amount of space. Perfect. Noise Level Normally this is completely quiet. A couple of times I have heard the motor one, but mostly it's just quiet and energy efficient. You occasionally hear the water filling up to make ice, but it's quiet. Interior Organization I like every aspect of the inside of this refrigerator. It has the right number of drawers for cheese, meats and vegetables. I like the solid shelves and the beverage holder which frees up room that you need for food. Temperature Control This refrigerator seems to have excellent temperature control. I can see the temperature by checking the display and while I try to let dished cool off a bit before putting them in, sometimes, you just have to put them in while maybe a bit too hot, and the temp barely moves and immediately adjusts. Ease of Cleaning Well, I have to say this must be easy to clean since I rarely clean it. I am a very neat person and probably keep things pretty clean to begin with, but you just wipe it down and you're finished. Nothing seems to bother it. Durability This is very durable. We have remodeled our kitchen and moved it around, which is very easy to do and no issues. Not a single item has broken or failed in this unit and we have been very happy with it. Design The design, also addressed above, is extremely functional. I think it speaks volumes to say that when we remodeled our kitchen and moved it around, there was a glass of water in the fridge, it never tipped over!



GE Energy Star PSHF6VGX (25.6 cu. ft.) Side by Side Commercial Refrigerator

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