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Friedrich Uni-Fit 11700 BTU Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

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Friedrich Uni-Fit US12B10 11700 BTU Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditi


Friedrich Uni-Fit US12B10 11700 BTU Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner is great. We have been using this air conditoner for quite a while now, and we have had no problems with it. It's super easy to operate, and keep the room very comfortable. We were quite surprised during the hottest times because this air conditioner did keep the room very conmfortable. We were also worried about our power bill, but we shouldn't have been. The bill was reasonable, considering the hot, hot, sweltering weather we had. We had never heard of this brand of air conditioner before we got this one, but we are glad we did a lot of research beforehand and knew it was a great model. We are very glad of this purchase and know you will be as well. [][1] [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Friedrich-Uni-Fit-US12B10-11700-BTU-Thru-Wall-Window-Air-Conditioner-reviews

Shelby, NC


Friedrich Uni-Fit US12B10 11700 BT is a mush


the best air cond ever, very relaible and works forever, never had any problems with it, just can not complain about it at all ! most air conditionars are very loud but this one is pretty quite, and do not take a lot of energy so you save on electric bill, what better could be, right and the price is resonable too! never going to switch to any other air conditioner since many of them are just junk dont even give enough cold in the room in the very, very hot days, where you have to keep your air conditioner running all day long with very little result, where you dont even feel the difference if the air cond is on or off! but this air cond Friedrich is a must for your room on the hot summer days!

Little Neck, NY


Friedrich Air Conditioner Is A Powerful Unit


I have to have air conditioning here with no doubt. I have breathing problems and the heat from the outdoors bothers my breathing. I got this air conditioner to put in my bedroom to keep it cool enough in there to be able to sleep. This is a quiet unit and it works very well for my needs. If I shut my bedroom door it is like being in an ice box. This is easy to remove the filter for an occassional cleaning which is not hard to clean at all. This filter can be rinsed off with mild soap and water. It is a heavy unit and I of course need to have someone put it in the window for me. I would be so lost without this air conditioner. I love the multiple settings that it has on it and it takes no time to get the room cooling. I am then relaxing in comfort! If you are looking for a great working air conditioner that is on the quieter side, then this may be for you. The coloring is far from my choice as it is like an eggshell color, but I just care that it works well and does the job it was intended to do.

Boondocks the heart of Northern , NY


Friedrich a bit more BTU than I planned, but it worked out great


When we first got them, I thought that 11,700 BTU was far too much for one room, and we got two, one for our office and one for the bedroom. I was right, but they're so efficient we just need to run one and put a small fan in the hallway to cool one whole half of our house! They're quiet and the remote control is a good plus. If we need a quick adjustment, a couple clicks of a button and there it is. They look nice too, but we did buy covers for them. Standard size Air Conditioner covers work just fine for them. There's a built-in thermostat, and various settings to oscillate the air that comes out which they call "Auto Swing" There's even a timer you can put on so that if on an especially hot night you want it to cool you until you fall asleep then turn off, you can program that. All in all, a very nice machine. It's a creme color that isn't quite white, so it may not go well with everyone's decor but it works fine with mine.

Azusa, CA


Friedrich Uni-Fit 11700 BTU Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

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