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Friedrich Air Conditioner

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tiny unit keeps my master bedroom cool


I had the hardest time finding a through the wall air conditioning unit to fit the existing cut out in my wall unit. I have an old Friedrich air conditioner that came with my condo but it is on its last legs. It cuts in and out and works intermittently - not a good thing on a hot and humid 100 degree summer day. Fortunately, I was able to get my hands on this unit and it works perfectly for me in my tight space. It is 5,500 BTU which is rated to cool a 150-200 square feet room, which my master bedroom falls under. It comes with a remote control which is perfect for a bedroom setting, so that you can shut off the unit from bed in the middle of the night when you are cold. I think I'm just most estatic that I was able to find a unit that fits my wall, so that I don't have to spend thousands to get them to cut the outside brick. Also, this unit is relatively quiet and very energy efficient.

East Brunswick, NJ


Friedrich Air Conditioner

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