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FIA Card Services - Fidelity Investment Rewards Visa Signature Card

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Unsafe and unfare.


I have had this card since 2005.  Very good up front service.  They kept all their promisses.  I used it heavilly to gain points and get the various rewards I wanted.  In 2008 things went sour in that they raised my interest rate.  I called and was told they had to because of the economy.  I did nothing wrong and feel this was unjustified.  I was then told I would have to wait 6 months, to call back and they would adjust the interest rate lower.  I called in that amount of time and they lowered the interest rate a little bit compaired to what they raised it too originally.  At least they said they were sorry they couldn't do any more then that.  Yeah, right. Resently I have had to call their help line to find out why I could not access my account online.  They told me there was a charge on my account that made no sence to them.  Kudos for wathing out for me.  At least at first.  I got a new card and new account number for safety sake.  I called in and got it set up but never used it for anything.  Then I had to call again about the new credit card having a charge on it that wasn't mine.  I want to say kudos again, but this time I think they are looking out for themselves in that I feel the only way the number was had is a breach in their security.  I have since recieved yet another new card and account number but this time I have NOT activated the card and probably won't, ever again.  Yime to pay this one off and cancel the account when it is done.    

Braidwood, IL


The interest this bank charges is outrageous!


The bank raised interest rates to 29.99% without telling us. Can you imagine have a large credit line with them and then having to oay almost 30%? I am certainly glad that our President is meeting with the credit card companies and I hope that something comes out of these discussion that all Americans will be happy about!

Kailua, HI


Best card to earn cash back without having to spend 6k a month.


The Fidelity Investment Rewards card is an Amex card that allows you to earn 2 points on every dollar spent and when you get to 5000 points ($2500 spent) allows you to convert it to $50 if it's deposited into a Fidelity account.  I already have Fidelity accounts so this was a no brainer. The card is good for those looking for a card that doesn't vary in points earned depending on the type of store you go to.  It doesn't matter if you use it at Blockbuster, Shaws, or Sephora you will earn 2 points for every dollar spent.  Also earn bonus points by shopping through the FIA Card website for purchases made online.  There is also no max number of rewards you can redeem.  This is a great card to simplify your cash back cards and not have to worry about not meeting a certain spending amount in order to get the higher % cash back.

Salem, NH


FIA Card Services - Fidelity Investment Rewards Visa Signature Card

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