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Epson Stylus NX115 All-In-One Printer

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The Epson Stylus is great for those serious about printing.


Despite being a digital artist, and knowing that Epson made much higher quality printers, I had still been stuck with HP printers for the longest time. Now that I have found a good all-around printer from Epson at a very reasonable price, I know I will not look back. The quality of the prints created by the Epson is much greater than I've ever had from previous printers. Printing goes much faster, and the results are crisp, bright, and detailed. The quality of the ink is also a good reason why I have switched to Epson. The ink is water-resistant, making your prints much less susceptible to damage. In additon, ink is sold in separate black, magenta, cyan, and yellow cartridges, making money spent on ink much less in the long run, due to ink not being wasted by buying a full multicolor cartridge. The scanner built into the printer also works immaculately, communicating effortlessly with my digital editing programs to create great scans. Overall, I have been very happy with this purchase and will continue to purcahse from Epson in the future.

Orlando, FL


Decent all-around printer


This printer is not the fanciest printer nor does it have the fastest printing speed, but in my home office desk space is limited and this printer is a good all-around printer that does not take up a lot of space and does the work of many machines in just one. The printing quality is decent, and I like that there are options to vary the quality of printing from economy to super fine. Most of the things I print at home are coupons downloaded from the internet, so the economy speed and quality work well for me while not requiring a lot of ink.  One problem I have had with it so far was figuring out how to load the ink! The instructions were not that clear and it took me a while to figure out how to load them.  Also I don't like that the ink colors are in individual cartridges (blue, yellow and magenta) but that may be a bonus when it comes time to replace them -- I haven't had to purchase ink yet nor have I researched it but I'm hoping to be able to just buy blue if needed, or just yellow, and so on. Bottom line: this is a good basic, all-around printer for a great price. Epson is a trusted name in computer printers and if you aren't concerned about super top quality printouts, this is a good one to try!

Grove City, OH


If I still had the opportunity to return it, I would...


If I had a choice to return the Epson all in one Printer... I would! It is the most frustrating piece of computer equipment I have ever used! Not only is it a pain in the bum, it seems to eat the ink! Where does it all go!? I am constantly having to replace ink cartridges. If the black ink is low and the color ink isn't, it won't work... then when I buy more ink to replace, it still doesn't work! I have to buy all FOUR cartridges new! Too much money to put into something that doesn't seem to be quality.

Brandon, FL


Epson Stylus NX115 All-In-One Printer

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