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E-duction - Clear Card

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A card for those who need their paycheck now.


The Clear Card, given by www.e-duction.com, is a credit card that is designed for those who need access to their next paycheck a little earlier. The card is designed to keep the holder out of debt while building their credit up. When a charge is added to the card, depending on whether it is a personal use or a medical use, the balance is taken from your next four or six paychecks (for a One-hundred dollar purchase, twenty-five dollars is taken out of the next four paychecks unless it is medical, then it is one-hundred paid over six pay periods). For me personally, the card has acted as a way to pay for bills and food when my mortgage payment was due. Aside from being able to pay without having to worry about monthly payments, you can pay some off early if you have a break in the barrage of bills without penalty. I would definitly recommend this to anyone who has access to it and who could use a little security in their financial life.

Hudson, NC


E-duction - Clear Card

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