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Dell (I570-) PC Desktop

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Best desktop I've had


This dell desktop computer is by far the best desktop I've ever had. I bought this computer a few months ago to get the new windoes 7 software and it is the best thing microsoft has ever created. This dell computer takes that accomplishment and brings it to you in the best way possible! It features a lot of RAM and a hard drive with more than enough space to store all of your personal files and photos. The AMD Athlon is also a great processor that features blazing speed in the CPU processes. This desktop computer also has a lot of external drive capability with a memory card reader and 4 USB drives with a CD/DVD combo drive. I have had this computer for over 6 months and have not noticed any flaws in the processing speed or capabilities. There are no flaws what so  ever. Last, I got this computer at a GREAT price. This is a great value for the money considering all of the features the computer has.

Merritt Island, FL


Another good machine from Dell


This is my 4th Dell Machine, and I love it. While it originally included Windows Vista, it was easy to upgrade to Windows 7 when that came out. I have been a fan of Dell since a few years back, and while they sometimes use cheaper parts, or use the absolute minimum that is necessary, they are cost effective and fantastic machines. One of the major pains is that they are not set up to upgrade some of the hardware right away. While you can easily add RAM or upgrade the hard drive, and maybe add an audio card (which is practically unnecessary) if you want to upgrade the video card you will also need to upgrade the power supply. This frustrated me. While the machine has great quality built in sound, video, and Ethernet, if you want to upgrade to something that requires anymore power you have to find a Dell qualified power supply as well. Other than that the machine is fantastic, not great for those who want to play lots of video games, but for normal word processing, simple production, and internet use this computer is great.

Harrison Township, MI


Dell (I570-) PC Desktop

5.0 2