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Dell Dimension Desktop Computer

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Whatever happened to 'DUDE YOU'RE GETTIN' A DELL'?


Overall I'd have to say Dell carries the best in package deals for desktops. Just wish it was as easy as it used to be for ordering without all the breakdowns of add this delete that & pricing variations.Our family has had bad luck with 3 other computer brands but always come out happy with Dell Products & Customer Service.

Idaho Falls, ID


dont make this mistake


Ok maybe it is one of their less expensive models but even still it should work...right? I mean after sending back three towers i finally found the answer dell never could as to why i couldnt stay connected to the Internet provider. Their customer service isnt even american and they cant understand you and you cant udnerstand them and all they do is read from book. They dont really know anything that is of any use.

Saint James, MO


My dell deminsion 2400 has been one tough and good pc.


I have been using my DELL Dimension since 2002 and it is still going. I have used it to save photos, songs, letters, and some of my poetry that I have written. It has been a life saver on finding out things on the internet. This pc is the easy to use and very simple instrutions when you are needing to use the help page. The only thing I have had to replace as far as the computer has been the  mouse which is minimal if you ask me. I have had the system crash on me twice and was able to get it back up going with out to much of a problem just by using the included cds. I would recommend this desk top computer for any beginner due to its ease of use and simple instrutions. It would be a good computer for your child to do his or her home work with. So all in all my rating of this pc is very good the pc I had previous was a Gate Way and didn't last near as long and had more trouble with the operating system then I have ever had with this pc.

Patton, MO


Dell Dimension 2400 Desktop-- It seems to work okay for awhile.


Dell Dimension 2400 Desktop Computer.  It seems to be alittle slow, and it crashes quit a bit.  I like it at first.  But I would like get a laptop from Microsoft windows.  As they say on TV, that if you find what you want it's your to keep.   And on the TV, they show the customer at the store looking for a computer.  And when they find it, and take it to the register to check out.  And when they get there, then someone hands them money.  But you don't see who hands them the money. Which according what I can tell from the TV commercial. You are getting the laptop for free.   I hope that is correct.

Davenport, IA


Good for basic users, but not if you want to upgrade it.


Dell Dimension 2400 The Dell Dimension 2400 is a good PC for people who want to use it for basic things like checking your e-mail, social networking, watching a video here or there, or listening to music. What the Dell Dimension 2400 lacks is its Graphics Power, it comes with a very cheap Graphics card where you can only choose from two resolutions. IT IS NOT EASILY UPGRADEABLE!!! The Motherboard featured on this PC is very aged and will not allow for newer video cards, or processors. This PC would not be good for running any other operating system other then Windows XP, because of its lack up upgrade-ability.     

Kewaunee, WI


This Dell Dimension is great..


I got my Dell Dimension 2400 back in 2004, i love the keys and how it looks.The only thing i had to do was to add more memory last year, and this year i had to get another sound card. But other than that it is just great, i 've had a HP computer but love my Dell.

Largo, FL


Dell Dimension 2400-"The Freezer"


OK, granted mine is a really old computer. But ever since I bought it, there has been a Gremlin living in it. A nasty old thing that causes it to freeze-very often. I have a cable hook-up but that does not help. It has lost the ability to use the Disk Defragmenter, which makes me crazy!!! On a fixed income, I cannot afford to pay the huge fees for technical support. Every now and then, this computer makes a whining, noisey whirring sound. It scares me to death and only a whack on the box stops it! If I had a choice, knowing what I know now, I probably would not have purchased this model. I do not know if the problems are dut to Microsoft XP or the computer itself. As an inexpensive computer, it is great for email, visiting web sites and buying items online-when it does not freeze. When it freezes, very often, the only solution is to close down the email section or the website and "report the problem" and start over again. I don't know where these "problem reports" go, but I have never received a solution to the problem.

Milwaukee, WI


Dell Dimension 2400 w/1G memory card ROCKS! Thanx in TN.


YES! Have had Dell Dimension 2400 for 6 yrs. Got overloaded with info. I ordered a 1G memory card from Dell.  Excellent service. Fixed my problem. The only complaint is it took six weeks to get it, however, after i received it, it was well worth the wait. THANX!

Dandridge, TN


If You Want the Best, Get the Best...Get a Dell


My daughter gave me my first Dell computer about 6-7 years ago and even though at that time I was "computer Challenged" with the help of the Dell Wizard, I was feeling pretty comfortable with using a computer.  I was a senior scared of a computer, now I spend alot of time playing, researching and keeping in contact with family and friends and even sharing pictures!  I got to the point where I wanted more power or speed, and purchased more memory through the Dell Technical Support.  When it arrived, it came with instructions but more important, it provided me with the support phone number and a representative who would guide me through the installation.  I thought, not this old lady, I am clueless.  Well, lets just say, with the professional, courteous technician I contacted,  my system is flying with the wind!  I have had a few 'glitches' but they were in my early learning stages and most likely my fault.  Now I find friends calling me and asking me to help them!  I will never change to another brand,  Dell made me the little old lady computer geek so my daughter says.  I would definitely recommend a Dell to anyone who is looking for a good, relyable computer that is 'people friendly' (even us older folk!)

San Jose, CA


I now have a Dell Dimension, after HP failed my efficiency test


     I had an HP pavillion Deskjet , but this Dell Dimension is all that it says, GREAT.  I had a Sony Vaio, that was excellent, now at present cannot afford. I had  3 different towers for my HP pavillion, terrible. The towers do not hold up, and burn out too easily, especially if you are online a lot.  My 3rd tower just went in November 2009, the fan went first, driving me crazy, and that was it.        My Mother and Brother gave me this New Dell PC, Monitor and Speakers and told me I would see that it is way better than my Hp was.      They were right!  I love this dell.  The only problem is that I need to upgrade the tower for more memory.  It is highly efficient, and the Monitor is a lot bigger and more colorful that the HP Monitor.  I DO however have an HP Deskjet Printer that works awesome!   I would like to try a Dell Printer and have the whole set match and save the HP in case of emergency!      I have to have a computer!  I went from Computer Operator in the 1970's,  to getting the first IBM compatible in home for work purposes in 1989. It was when they were not an in home everyday thing like today!   I am a MUST have a computer to do Freelance work, Economy and Government interests,  Paying survey sites, Free things, etc.  I am online 45-50 hours per week (6 days).  I think for the price and quality Dell has passed my tefficiency test!  So I give it a thumbs up, Good work Dell.   

Venice, FL


Dell Dimension Desktop Computer

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