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Cuisinart Can Opener CCO40

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Works great, and stores easily!


I couldn't believe how much better this one worked compared to my last one. It may of just been a complete better difference, but it was a really good difference. It opened the can with ease, and didn't make too much noise. At times it was hard to get it to clasp on top of the can, but once I got it on it started working perfectly. Great purchase! I think I would probably enjoy it more if I had a different color, but overall I was very pleased with the look of it. I wasn't too bulky and in the way, so I didn't have to hide it behind something or try to store it somewhere. Overall, it works pretty good, and I'm pretty happy with what I got for a really good price!



Hard to clean, but efficient.


I would have given this product 5 but the blade is a bit tricky to clean. Other than that, it works very well and efficently. I never had any problems with opening a can and it never left a sharp edge. Looked good in my kitchen. I now store it in the cupboard for space issues, but it was fine when it was on my counter.

Ladera Ranch, CA


Cuisinart Can Opener CCO40

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