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Craftsman 53-piece Mach Series Tool Set


This Mach Series 53 piece Ratchet Tool Set offers SPEED, CONVENIENCE and ACCESS using the 72-tooth Mach Series 3/8-Inch Drive Ratchet.  Built for SPEED, turning sockets 16 times more efficient than a regular ratchet with a swing arch of 60-degrees.  The Mach Series Ratchet Driver's expandable, reversible Helix Push Shaft, which also locks into position to use as a standard ratchet, is built into the handle for rapid push/pull and twisting action speeding the fastener into position.  180 degrees pivoting head for better access and for higher torque applications.  Also reverses direction at the flip of a switch with forward and reverse indicators marked on the handle.

Comes with an adapter to convert the 3/8-Inch drive ratchet to a 1/4-Inch drive ratchet with the same SPEED and Helix Push Shaft features.

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Great set!


This socket set is great! I originally bought it for my boyfriend. I have since found that I'm the one who's actually using it all the time. It feels well made, but like the other person I'm a little bummed that they weren't made in the USA like other Craftsman tools. They are nice though. The handle has grippy stuff so it's comfortable. I like how convenient the whole kit is. The 53 pieces are really great and make it so you could have any piece that you could possibly need for doing projects all over the house. I would definitely recommend this for someone who loves to do work around the house or do handy man projects on their own. I thought we had all the tools we could ever possibly need, those people that you struggle with when it comes time for the holidays and birthdays because they have everything, and sometimes two or three of them. This set was a great investment and has held up well in our house through the abuse we have given it.



Craftsman 53-piece Mach Series Tool Set

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