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Comet Mildew Stain Remover Spray Gel

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Has a very strong smell!


I had figured that the Comet Mildew Stain Remover Spray Gel would cover more surface area then the spray does. The first thing that I noticed was how strong the smell was. I mean I had to open doors and windows to get some fresh air flowing. It really burned my eyes.



Comet Mildew Stain Remover Gel: Strong Smell, but it Works


The majority of bathroom cleaners are general, all purpose in nature and can be used to clean any type of stain or other problem. Then, there are those cleaners made with a specific task in mind, for specific type of cleaning. One good example is Comet Mildew Stain Remover Spray Gel. Cleaner Facts and Commentary: Comet Mildew Stain Remover Spray Gel is a made with mildew in mind. Its thick gel is formulated to wipe out mildew quickly and because it is a thick gel, it sticks to the mildew better and penetrates more effectively so that there is less scrubbing necessary. Mildew rears its ugly head at some point in every household and some ordinary cleaners are not strong enough to eliminate the problem. It takes a good cleaner and while I have had good luck with most multi- purpose cleaners, I know that some of them cannot handle mildew. With this Comet product, the mildew is saturated, surrounded, and wiped away quickly. It takes only a small amount of spray and a little bit of time to eliminate the problem. Comet Mildew Stain Remover Spray Gel works well, but one strike against it is the smell. It is chemical- like and quite strong. That is why I recommend using only a small amount and turning on an exhaust fan, if possible. The fumes can get very strong and could even trigger asthma attacks for some. My Bottom Line: Mildew is a fact of life, but it doesn't have to be a chore to eliminate. Comet Mildew Stain Remover Spray Gel is good at cutting out mildew with its thick gel that stays put and penetrates so well, there is little or no scrubbing necessary. It isn't easy to find, smells very strong, and does cost more than other cleaners but it works as the manufacturer promises and is worth the money. Performance This product wipes out mildew quickly through its strong chemicals and thick, stay- put formula. Scent The scent is not one of the positive points of this product. It is quite strong and will make many people gasp for air.

Houston, TX


Awful on shower tile!


This product was recommended by a friend, so I tried it. It has left a soapy spotty film over the shower tiles and now I'm having to vigorously re-clean each tile (with Soft Scrub) to get the stuff off! I will never use this again!

Eugene, OR




I'm that guy that hates cleaning, scrubbing, and never comments on anything unless it has really impressed me. The Comet Mildew Stain Remover Spray Gel is the best cleaning product I've used hands down. Although it does have a strong smell to it honestly who cares just shut the door, turn the fan on and don't cry about it. I had bad mildew stains and just soaked them up in the morning with the spray and then at night and they were gonein one week. I think the directions say to rinse it off or wipe off the spray after but I just left it on there and it worked great for me. I give it a 9/10 just because of the smell. I love it and will recomend it to anyone (except for people that complian about every little thing like the smell being sooo strong that it burns their eyes and have to be a whiney baby). There's my two cents. Again love the product!!!

Beverly Hills, CA


Comet SprayGel Midew Stain Remover cleans white plastic furnitur


I have two white plastic chairs that have been sitting outside for about 3 years without being cleaned even once.  They were so dirty and dingy I was ready to toss and replace them, but decided I would try to spray paint them instead.  Knowing that I should wash them good before painting, I looked around to see what I had on hand that might be good to use.  On a fluke, I reached under the bathroom sink and came up with the Comet SprayGel Mildew Stain Remover. Well, what the heck!  I'll try this.   I sprayed each chair all over,  let them sit in the sun for about 5 minutes, then hosed them down without any scrubbing at all.  **WOW was I surprised!**  They were so clean and white!  Now I don't have to toss and replace, or even paint them.  They look like new without one ounce of scrubbing.  Just spray, wait 5 minutes and rinse.  I would recommend this product to anyone for cleaning plastic outdoor furniture.

Alcoa, TN




Comet Spray Gel Mildew Stain RemoverThis product is toxic.  I used it in my bathroom with the fan on and the window open.  The fumes are so powerful, that I started to cough and then couldn't catch my breath and started to dry heave because of it.  This is after I sprayed the "gel", which isn't at all like a gel, and let it sit a good ten minutes so any kind of mist that was in the air had settled.  My eyes are still burning, a half hour later, and my hands reek of the bleach.  I would never use this product again, I even called and complained and am getting my money back.  I can't even give it to anyone for fear they would have the same reaction.  I'll stick w/ Lysol.  It did clean well, I will admit.  I hardly had to scrub at all, but if you can't breath when using it, what good is it? 

Allison Park, PA


This product actually works as advertised its great1


I have tried just about everything on the market as far as kitchen and bath cleaners. I have kitchen counter tops that easily stain, bleach can not even remove the stains that is until I found Comet Mildew Stain Remover.  

Doylestown, OH


Comet Mildew Stain Remover Spray Gel

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