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Canon PIXMA Photo All-In-One Printer MP150

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Great Value


I have had the Canon Pixma MP150 printer for about almost 6 years now and I still use it.  It came free when I bought my first laptop a long time ago and even after the laptops have died, this printer is still working perfectly.  It's a printer, copier, and scanner.  Although I prefer laser printers, I keep this around for scanning, and when my samsung color laser printer died for some unknown reason, I went back to using this printer.  I wish I had tried some of the ink refill kits or generic ink cartridges, but I've only been using the official canon brand ink cartridges which are very expensive for this printer, espcially the high yield ink cartridges.  Anyways, overall, the printer is fine as an inkjet printer, but I would prefer a laser printer now.  The scanner is great though.  The scanner can scan multiple photos at a time and save them as different images which was very useful when scanning old pictures.

San Diego, CA


Cannon Printer best quality for price


Cannon Printer it prints, scans, copys, prints quality pictures, it does used up ink fairly quickly, but it does give you great quality in color black ink. Easy to use, can make a photo copy at a touch of a button, no need to start up your PC. Like the all in one feature easy to use not complicated, it's size is a little bulky. Based on years of usage still prints scans copys great, priced fairly Ink is pricey compaired to some different printer companies, but it's quality printer, long track record of being at the top of it's game is compatable to most cameras, PCs I'm still using Cannon printer, if some day I needed to buy a printer Cannon is first on the list based on quality usage if you're thinking about buying a pinter take a look at Cannon Only issue is costly ink cartridges but if you use your printer occasionaly it does last a fairly long time. Unless you use it often, quality printing isn't important then don't get a Cannon  

New York, NY


Canon MP150 works ok


I've had my Canon MP150 installed on two different computers now and I still cannot get the scanner to work properly. Everytime I go to run the scanner it says it needs a driver. But here's the thing, when I first install the software it works! But when I shut down my computer and restarting the next day the scanner suddenly is not working, again. The printer works great! I have never had any problems with the printer aspect of the Canon Pixma MP150. The printing functions all work wonderfully and there are a lot of different printing features. But I didn't just pay for a printer, I paid for an All-In-One Ink Jet Printer and Scanner, which is a mulit=purpose printer/scanner. I think I have to reinstall the printer and all of the software for the scanner to work properly, but when I shut down again, something changes and the scanner quits working. You got me! I would not recommend the Canon MP150.

Anderson, SC


Canon PIXMA Photo All-In-One Printer MP150

4.0 3