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Bright Starts
Bright Starts Sugar Blossom Melodies Bouncer Chair

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Cute and Easy to use


This product may not be top of the line compared to others but it does what it is suppose to do. It has a function that allows you to make the entire chair vibrate and another function that plays different melodies. I like that this product come with an automatic shutoff after a certain amount of time, it;s saved my batteries on several occasions. I did not like that it took C size batteries. The toy bar is a little boring but my daughter lover playing with everything. It is very light weight and easily portable. I would buy this again.

Waseca, MN


I would recommend this product becuase it is a great product.


This product has gentle vibrations that will put some babies to sleep or even help out when they have gas. It also has a low setting for the music or a louder (not to loud to harm your babies hearing) setting if your house is a bit on the noisy side.The only down side I found to this product is that your baby needs to be about 2 weeks old before they can sit in it comfortably and that the pillow doesn't attach to the bouncer chair. But at the same time I like that the pillow doesn't attach because that means that you can move it around as your child grows and you don't have to use the pillow if you don't want to.

Liberty Hill, TX


Bright Starts Sugar Blossom Melodies Bouncer Chair

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