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Body Solid
Body Solid Home Gym

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I would buy this


I have used this at my friends house. I really enjoy this product

Wilmington, NC


Body Solid was the perfect "fit" for us!


**Background**Back in August (2006), I quit my job and decided to head home to be with the kids for a while. Since I had some flexibility in my schedule, I also decided to hire a personal trainer to whip me back into shape after 2 straight years of being pregnant. Now I had no excuse! It was time to shed the last few pounds and get my old body back. (well, that only kind of worked.)  I spent every day at the gym for 2 months and learned the lay of the land. I have to say, I was partial to yoga, pilates and weights. I have never been a lover of cardio. I also naturally gravitated to the leg presses. Over time, I also grew to enjoy the arm workouts and rowing. In October, when I decided to return back to work, (yes, Viewpoints was compelling enough that I went back to work), I knew I could not sustain my workout schedule that I finally got into. So, I stopped my gym membership and headed to my basement. We set up a treadmill (oh, the dreaded cardio) and I finally used the home gym that my husband had been using for a while. **What I like about The Body Solid Home Gym**I have to say  that I LOVE IT. The Body Solid Home Gym meets the needs of both my husband and me. The single home gym includes nearly all of the exercises that my trainer gave me. This was going to be sooo easy. And, it has a leg press machine that can keep me entertained for hours. My husband likes the arm and chest exercises. So, in all, we use every part of the machine. **Downside of The Body Solid Home Gym**The only downside is that I cant lift much. As a 100lb woman, I tend to use increments of 20-35 pounds and sometimes the system sticks at that level. It's not a big deal to me, because all of the positives outweigh that one negative. Also, once you build it, forget ever moving it. It is a lot of work to assemble (although I would not know first hand), so think twice about where you put it. **Summary**Overall, I think they offer a great home gym option. I would give it 5 stars, but I didnt have to assemble it, carry the pieces into the house or pay for it. So, that makes it 4 stars in my book. My husband did all the heavy lifting! *Note: I didn't confirm that we own this exact model # since our unit is a couple of years old, but the description very closely matches.*

Chicago, IL


Body Solid Home Gym

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