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Bodum Antigua Burr Grinder 5670-03

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Exceptional Quality


I absolutely love this coffee grinder. I feel like we've gotten away from grinding our own coffee these days, but if you still do, this is the appliance you want. It is super easy to use and it really grinds the fresh beans to a perfect consistency. I never have any issues with mine and I get the taste of fresh coffee whenever I want it. It's fantastic and high quality.

Florence, KY


Affordable upgrade from a blade grider


For years I ground my whole bean coffee with a blade "chopping" grinder to put in my French Press. Needless to say the coffee was often great but not consistently as sometimes I would chop it up too fine. This burr grinder solves that problem and affordably. You can grind as coarse as French Press, a medium grind for a drip machine, or as fine as for espresso.



Bodum Antigua Burr Grinder 5670-03

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