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Benefiber Supplement, Sugarfree Chewables

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Benefiber prebiotic


Now that I've experienced Benefiber prebiotics after seeing commercials on TV I can truly say this gives me a different outlook on gut health. I took 3 as prescribed yesterday and I feel totally different today. My stomach feels relaxed and not congested. The flavors taste great fruity and sugar free . I'm a fan now. #Benefibeprebiotics



This has been great to help my son maintain regularity.


Upon the advice of our peditrician we started using Benefiber chewable tables to help our 2 1/2 year old with constipation issues. Becuase of his size we started with 1/2 a tablet every day for a week and then increased to a whole table every morning. If he is having a bad day and is plugged up we will give him another table in the afetrnoon. Because it has an orange flavor, my son loves it and asks for his medicine every morning. We also noticed after 1 week that his bowel movements became more regular and soft. He has had less stomach aches and in turn we have all been in a better mood! Our pediatrician told us that after 2 a kids digestive system is the same as an adults so we could buy the regular Benefiber and did not have to buy the kid formula. There was a huge difference in cost so being able to buy the regular Benefiber really helped our budget. You do have to keep the bottle out of reach of kids though as the lid is not baby proofed and our son can easily open it.  

Spokane, WA


Chew your fiber!


Can't get enough fiber from your diet and need daily supplement? Try this Benefiber chewable tablets which comes in different tasty flavors. It's convenient especially for people on the go because there's no need to mix with water unlike the powder mixes supplements, so you can take it anywhere you go and have as much as 1 to 3 tablets, five times a day (this as an adult dosage. For other dosage, you can refer to the label) I really like this chewable tablets, it's like eating candy only it comes with great advantages. It makes your bathroom 'business' effortless and on regular basis. No more stomach aches or bloated feelings. Although this product is a bit pricey, i would still encourage people to try and see for themselves how very helpful it is for their digestive health. Prevention is always better than cure and if i have to pay a bit more to maintain good health, i wouldn't give it a second thought.

The Villages, FL


Benefiber Supplement, Sugarfree Chewables

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