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Beautiful Slim Body
Beautiful Slim Body Diet Pills

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They are sort of like adipex.


I have lost 7 lbs in a week in a half. There are side affects, but none that are different from adipex. Side effect i noticed were dry mouth, extra hot, ocassional dizziness,jittery anxious feeling, and ocassional headaches. Those are the same side effects i got from adipex. I take mines at night and wrap a band around my waist. I take it at night so i want have that jittery feeling that it gives me. I suggest it to anybody as long as you take it at night. And i think it has better results than adipex as far as losing weight.

Mobile, AL


Works, but loses to other better working pills


Since it is not well known by many, and not verified by professionals, I would not recommend it. However the fact is it works, though with side effects. Also, because there are many better pills out there, I only recommend this if you have already tried other pills and it did not work. There is a rumor going around that this pill causes slow heart rate for some users. Check out my blog review for expand information about this pill, along with some useful information (as listed below). http://lillyslifestyles.blogspot.com/2011/01/dietpillsreviews-beautiful-slim-body.html 1. Diet pill information and tryout of consumers 2. Ratings (+ personal rating) 3. Facts and tips to taking pills 4. Trustworthy places to buy the pills ~lilly

Chicago, IL


Effective in weight loss for short term but heavy side effects


My husband and I took this pill for two weeks.  We drastically saw a decrease in our weight.  My husband lost about 20 pounds and I lost about 12 pounds in the first two weeks.  The pills act as an appetite suppressant and you're not hungry at all.  However, the negative side effects were not worth it and includes: fatigue, headaches, and the worst effect for my husband was: loss in sex drive and loss in erection. 

Sacramento, CA


Beautiful Slim Body Diet Pills

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