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Bank of America - Nascar RacePoints Platinum Plus Visa Card

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Great For NASCAR Points But Watch Your Statements Closely


I applied for a NASCAR Visa when they had a booth at a race; I ended up getting a free cooler for signing up and planned on using the card for medium to large size purchases so I could rack up Race Points which can be redeemed for NASCAR themed products and other items. Unlike most credit cards, there's no yearly membership fee but they aren't really offering you any huge perks. If you are a NASCAR fan then this is worth getting if you want to earn rewards or snag a "driving experience" for a loved one but there's no cash-back offers and the points that you earn are limited to NASCAR themed items. I have had a couple of issue with double billing but I think those errors are vendor related but even so, when the charges were processed and were identical amounts they should have investigated it to see if the charges were legitimate or not. When I got my card I didn't have a choice of driver or background on the card, they have since changed that so when you apply you can pick out which driver you want. The card ended up getting a huge, deep scratch in the magnetic strip and wouldn't scan with machines; I called them and told them that I needed a new card and they sent me one (no charge) within four business days. The NASCAR Race Points Platinum Plus Visa is backed by Bank of America; when I first got the card the customer service was all handled by representatives in the United States. The last three or four times I called I ended up with people that I couldn't understand. Eventually everything was resolved but it was frustrating to have to deal with people who don't speak English fluently.



Reward points that help me buy all my Nascar Memorabilia!


    I have been a Nascar fan for about 15 years now and when I saw the offer on Nascar.com for a RacePoints Visa from Bank of America I signed up. They gave me 2500 racepoints for signing up and let me pick the driver I wanted on my card. Of course it is Dale Earnhardt Jr. as he has been my favorite since he went to the Cup Series.    **What you get    **By signing up with Bank of America and the Nascar RacePoints Platinum Plus Visa Card I get points for all my purchases anywhere, including nascar.com's Super Store. So when I do shop on nascar.com I get double points, I am wanting the Drivers Experience...lol I got a long ways to go. The other thing you get is the great customer service from Bank of America.     I have always had a good experience whenever I have called with a question on my account or about my RacePoints. I also get monthly emails showing my RacePoints to date as well as a monthly paper bill showing not only my purchases and payments but also my RacePoints account.     When I first signed up with them 8 months ago I was also offered balance transfer at 0% for 18 months, I paid off my other credit card with this and am saving all that interest by doing so. I have an interest rate that is below the prime rate and no annual fee for the card. That saves me even more money and being on a fixed income it a blessing to me.**    Bottom Line**       Bank of America is one of the larger banks in the country and I love the customer service from them. In the 8 months I have been with them they have raised my credit limit twice without my having to ask for it. They have been excellent with communications to me about my statements and my RacePoints account. When I have had to call the wait time for a representative has been less than 3 minutes every time, I like that they dont' leave me hanging.    They also have an online bill pay option so paying my credit card bill is fast and easy each month. For a small fee each month I also have credit insurance to where if something happens to me my wife won't be slapped with having to pay the bill. It is good up to $25,000 and gives me piece of mind that in a time of sorrow my wife will have one less thing to worry about. I really get a kick out of shopping at Lowes or Home Depot with my Dale Earnhardt Visa as they sponsor rival drivers...lol I know I am bad....but hey somebody has to be!

Vincennes, IN


disgusting card


one day, i found my card was cancelled without notice.  i called them and it took 2 days for them to call me back and explained what had happened.  it was because they suddenly found i had 3 bank of american cards during the past 10 years (I found the first one and did not have that card with me anyomre, though it is still open).  They asked my data (salary and employer) and said I was cheating because my data was contradictory --  my 3 cards showed 3 employers with 3 different slaraies.  It was true because I changed my jobs more than 3 times during these years.  They are so stubborn and won't listen to me even if i explained pain-stakingly -- the results is I lost over 50,000 rewards points with my BoA Card. I suspect they cancelled me card because they purposely wanted to cancelled my over 50K points. Go to hell, Bank of America Credit Card!

New York, NY


Bank of America - Nascar RacePoints Platinum Plus Visa Card

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