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B&W 685 Speaker

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B&W 685 is by far the sweetest sounding thing ever


I got the first speaker first time, it was the sweetest soundthing thing in the world. When i first saw the price tag i was like whoa its too expensive but when i got it i was so happy that i think from now i will get all the bowers and wilkins produts, though its all expensive, i will still come up with money to get these things because everytime i listen to them they sound so sweet and my ears pretty much cry. you have no idea when i say that bowers and wilkins products and merchandise are the best thing anyone can ever have. i like the yellow thing in the middle because it matches my room and it looks better than all the other speakers ive ever seen and it goes hard with the bed i have cuz of the similar colors that it puts through. before i go i want to say that it matches best with the integra reciever made by onkyo because of the warm cold sound that each compliments each other as well as match all over. 

Riverside, CA


B&W 685 Speaker

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