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Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam

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Another great product


This is another great product from aveda. Yes I love most of their products( all of the ones I've tried). You just need a little and it goes a long way. Spray in your hand a apply to your roots. Dry and style as usual. You will notice how much body your hair will have. I recommend this product for fine thin hair.



Love this product


This product is great! I do not like the feeling of a lot of product in my hair. You can use this product and it will provide a soft hold without feeling sticky. It only requires a small amount and I think it lasts a long time. The only word of caution would be if you are traveling with this product, please put it in a zip lock bag so that it does not leak out onto your things. This is a definite must have product!

Queen Creek, AZ


LOVE it!!


Phomollient gives just the right amount of oomph to your hair without making it feel heavy or sticky!! It gives volume and managability without weighing it down and making it extremely greasy that day or the next. It only takes a little and goes a long way!!

Glasgow, KY


Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam is light, wonderful and staying!


I first used Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam in an Aveda salon, my stylist recommended it to me for a great hold and a wonderful way to add volume without weighing down my hair with product. I was immediately able to tell that just from a two pump application to the crown on my head that I had found a styling product I could not live without! The pump gives the styling product, which is a liquid, a whipped foamy feel, light and not sticky. About two pumps is all I need to give volume and styling hold all day long. I put the foam on my hair when I'm blow drying it in the morning and I'm about 90% dry, I simply work some of the foam on the crown on my head and it adds volume as I blow dry without turning crunchy or stringy, something I've notice with pretty much all other gel/foam styling products in the past. In addition to working great with adding volume and making my hair appear product-free, the smell is lovely and I love that Aveda offers refill bottles, so the plastic pump isn't constantly being thrown away. Also, even with being used on a daily basis, a bottle of this phomollient will last me at least five months and does not clog up the pump.

Cincinnati, OH


Phomollient makes styling hair easy!


I've never been one to use many styling products and would actually prefer to use none at all! But after I got bangs a few years ago, I needed something to help me style them after showering. Fortunately I had my hair cut and styled at an Aveda salon and my stylist recommended Phomollient. I've been hooked ever since! I love that it's made with natural ingredients like honey and that it is very light in both texture and scent. I also love that it comes with a reusable pump, so when you are out of product, all you need to buy is a refill bottle. Most importantly, I love that Phomollient makes styling my hair hassle free and easy! All it takes for me to get a smooth, sleek look is one pump of product and a minute or two of heat from the blow dryer. And the style lasts all day (without hairspray!). Phomollient is also great because it never leaves any build up in my hair, but rather makes is shiny and soft. I love it!

Rochester, MN


Great as a detangler for children and adults


I love love love every Aveda product I've tried so far but this product is great! It is a lil costly initially but I'm telling you it will last forever. We used this same bottle between 2 sometimes 3 people for 5 months. Sometimes it would even get used several times a day if we went swimming or had more than one shower. I used it initially as a product to help with taming my frizz before I blowed out my hair. I have naturally curly/wavy hair that I dry and flat iron almost everyday. I'd use this before I dried then tried a very small amount before the flat iron to act as a protectant and it worked great! I then started using it on my 2 year old to see if it would untangle her hair after a bath and sure enough it was awesome! I put it on as soon as she gets out then wait till after I get her dressed to brush through her hair. Brush will just slide on through! Not to mention it has the wonderful Aveda smell and more natural than any discount store products. With most aveda products a lil goes a long way so it's so worth it to pay the extra up front for a more earth friendly better performing product that will last much longer than the "other" products out there.

bardstown, KY


Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam

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