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Arc Touch Wireless Mouse

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On the Go


The Microsoft Wireless Arc Touch mouse is one of the top innovations made by Microsoft for business people on the go. It has a micro receiver that plugs into your computer so you do not need to take it out. The inventor made this mouse so you can take it with you everywhere. When you want to take it somewhere it snaps flat, which is also the off position. When you want to use it, it is arced and is on. It utilizes Microsofts blue track technology so you do not need a mouse pad, and you can use it on nearly any surface. It has a sleek design making it unique and nothing else looks like it. The scroll wheel on the mouse is actually touch witha gear in it simulating the scrolling of and actual mouse. This is one of the coolest inventions to come from Microsoft since the Xbox 360, and perhaps may put people in awe more than an Xbox would. The Microsoft Wireless Arc Touch Mouse is great for anyone on the go. 

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Arc Touch Wireless Mouse

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