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Alva Diurex
Alva Diurex Aquagels Soft Gelatin Water Capsules to Lose Excess Body Water - 24 ea

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Excess Water Retwntion? Get Diurex!


It is true. Diurex Aquqgels do get rid of that excess water retention. It works really well for that bloated feeling we ladies  get about once every month. However, this review will be more about my husband's use of diurex. He is suppose to be taking a prescription diuretic but he ran out of refills and has not got back to his doctor yet. I advise that no body should do that. Make your appointment before you run out of medicine. So you will not get in trouble like he did. Anyway, we bought diurex as a fill in until his appointment. The diurex has worked very well for my husband. He would wake up in the morning with swollen feet and hands before we bought diurex at the drug store.Now that he is taking the diurex he has noticed a difference. The prescription diuretic that he was on worked better but the diurex has been a solution for now. Please remember to make your Dr, appointments before your medicines run out.But in an emergency, diurex works better than no RX.

Rocky Mount, NC


Diurex relieves bloating, the best medicine I've tried!


I have had bloating problems for the last seven years and have tried everything on the market.  I have used Beano, Gas x, Mylanta, Alka Seltzer etc. and none of them worked.  I finally went to the store and asked a pharmacist about Diurex.  She said if its water bloating than it would work.  I had no idea that it would relieve all the bloating.  I wish I had known earlier!  Some people use this as a diet product, however, I do not use it is that, it relieves my bloating within an hour and lets me get back to my baby and my normal day.  Yes, its a little pricey, but to me, its been worth it.  If you have water bloating during your period or before, or anytime, like I do, you really should try this!  The package has 24 pills, which don't last long, you can take them every 4 hours if needed. But honestly, if you are in pain from bloating, you really need to try these.  This is a really great product!

Carlsbad, CA


Alva Diurex Aquagels Soft Gelatin Water Capsules to Lose Excess Body Water - 24 ea

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