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AKG K 240 Studio Headphones

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Great and inexpensive studio monitors


The AKG K 240 headphones offer a great and balanced sound stage. Perfect for getting a true representation of your recorded work, and comfortable enough to use while tracking it. For many, these might sound a tad dull compared to what a lot of people are used to from headphones, as the AKG K 240's strive for accuracy over hyped bass and treble like many other brands. If you are a more experienced listener however, this more detailed and perhaps subtle sound stage will offer a new and what should be engaging listening experience. They are plenty comfortable for being a very basic design, and don't fit too tightly on your head like some Sennheisers I've used. Lastly of course, these headphones are quite affordable for what they offer, which should be made obvious by the fact that they have been manufactured and remained popular since the 1970's. In closing, I'd recommend these for anyone looking to get into recording, or listen to their favorite music in a new, more accurate tone from what they may be used to.

Puyallup, WA


AKG K 240 Studio Headphones

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